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Track me baby

How is everyone? It is great to be back. I had to take a break from humanity for a moment to maintain my health. I am still working on Black people post and I have one about Walmart in the works. This morning however I wish to rant on my government tracking my activities via my iPhone. Total waste of money and time. I am very willing to let it be known I am a sex addict. My text messages read better than any erotic novel currently available today. All Issa( and his crew had to do was ask. There is no need to make Apple track where I conduct my activities. Maybe Issa is excited by the voyeurism aspect of tracking me without my knowledge. Well, ha! the joke is on him, I assume whenever I am online I am being watched.

The fact that I have this blog, I attend public rallies, and I send faxes to elected officials should be enough for them to know I am a mad woman. They should be able to pick-up on the fact that because I have a few readers, I am not alone in being mad. We, the people, are mad about bailing out banks, starting unnecessary wars, people being made homeless after choosing meds over housing( the reason my illness knocked me out for a few weeks is I choose housing over meds), children being saddled with so much debt after college they are forced to work for years on the corporate plantation before being able to enjoy employment, and so many other ills in this country.

Maybe if we stopped being such a freaking bully we would not need to live in fear. I am all for human rights, however; if those humans do not stand-up for self then how can I help them? We need to stop creating wars for our own corporate economic benefit. The guise of spreading democracy is just that a guise for modern day "manifest destiny". If our government returned to being a government of the people, by the people and for the people there would be no need to track my whereabouts via my phone. However, since corporations now run our government, there may be a need to fear. The people will not be silent for long. When you take away their health care to ensure a bonus for a corporate boss then you wake the people from their collective deep sleep. Track me baby, it will not stop the people.

If you are concerned about being named a possible dissenter, a non-sheeple, or a thinker you may need to stop visiting this site. I expect any day now for some black helicopter to land on my front lawn. When I show to them how much I still owe on my loans, I am sure they will just go away. What has this country turned into? Why are we still living under the Bush fear based policies? At the end of the day the truth of life is we all die. What matters most is how well we treat each other during our life times. I would rather spend my time showing someone how to be productive than tracking where they are each moment of the day. Then again I do not spend time wondering how to get over on someone or even a system. Confession session: I spend most of my time thinking about how one day I will actually have sex. ) As for now I spend my time loving my iPhone( which is still better than sex).

I am not giving up my iPhone. I shall now visit more obscene websites while standing in front of various police stations. When they use Goggle Maps to see me, I shall be the one wearing the F U t-shirt and holding the sign that reads "Here I am MF was it good for you?" I refuse to live in fear of my government. I refuse to be silent about my government wasting money to track my whereabouts. Hell, I, like many Americans, am on Twitter and FB. We update our status all day with our locations. We even update during sex and heart surgeries. Issa and crew need to find a more productive item on wish to spend American tax dollars (i.e. health care).


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