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Waking up with Clueless

This morning to balance out my natural happy nature I watched this week with Christiane Amanpour. It is not her journalism that kills my joy buzz it is listening to her Tea Party guests who can only speak in talking points. Speaking in talking points gets out a message but it leaves the speaker appearing rather clueless.
The clueless speakers on her show this morning were Tea Party backed congresspeople from FL, IL, and NC. No matter how Christiane asked the questions we all have about the actions of those in the House each of the Tea Party backed members answered using talking points that did not respond to the questions asked. Watch the show at to see if I only imagined the no response.

Rep. Walsh of IL when asked about raising revenue responded with talk about his legislation that proposed running our country like a household. I agree with him. In my household I cut spending and raised my revenue via a second job. It hurts but I know it will help me achieve financial stability in my home. He supports spending cuts and not raising taxes on corporations. In his world view as corporations make more money they will pay more to the government in the way if taxes. Rep. Walsh obviously is so caught up in his talking points he is not aware that under the current tax code the U.S. owes GE a tax refund. Clueless or he really does think Americans are just that stupid. He claimed President Obama should be ashamed of himself. I say Walsh should be ashamed for insisting that every tax cut has raised revenue. Call me slow but what revenue was raised from 2001 to 2010?

Rep. West of FL also spoke in talking points. The funniest thing I found from his talking point was his mentioning his 22 years in the military. He mentioned in his response to rather things were as dire as predicted by the Feds his military background does not encourage him to rule by fear or intimidation. I had to shake my head on his response.
Rep. Ellmers also spoke talking points when asked about Ryan's Medicare plan. She insisted that the people would not have to pay out if the pocket for coverage. She comparedMedicare with the medical coverage provided to members of Congress. Christiane was quick to point out there is a difference. Two thoughts came to mind: did she renounce her right to medical coverage Is she really that clueless?

I know I said, outside of sex, I would stop raising my pressure so early in the morning. However, I could not resist watching these talking heads. Rep. Southerland of FL was the only one who said something worthwhile. He stated he would be himself even if he was not re-elected in 2012. I agree no elected official should govern based on being re-elected. Do what is right for all people while you are able. Southerland may smell a clue. On that note I am off to smell some coffee.

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