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A slap to the face and a punch to my stomach

I am pretty dang mad this morning. A wet hen had better beware of me. I am spitting blood that is not mine. Who's butt shall I unplug next? I am angry not so much with the oil companies who do what corporations do as I am with my fellow Americans who have not join the fight to stop corporations from plugging us in the rear without oil. Pardon my being graphic but that is how I felt after this headline on my phone not once but twice

These guys got a safety bonus after destroying the waters of my ancestral and home states of MS & LA? WTL is going on? Let it be known my people were living well off the land before the oil companies came to town. Now I do not feel it is safe to allow my son to stand in waders to fish the waters. (Gators are a known risk taken for generations. ).

I am do flippin angry that there are still people in LA and MS fighting for the rights of corporations that make it impossible for us to be independent in supporting ourselves. There are still people who have oil spill related illnesses that have not been paid. When will I not be the only person not mad as heck? This bonus payout is a slap kick and power-slam to all my parents grandparents and parents before them worked to achieve. It is knocks down what I have taught and lived most of my life. I refuse to get rich by killing the environment that sustains life. I am so freaking mad. Yes I said it, freaking. We must stop this madness.

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