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Why we have an oligarchy in America

We have an oligarchy in America because we, the people allow it.  We allow the puppets of corporations to create a fear of lack in us.  When we give into such fear we give up our right to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. 

> You need to get right. This country can't sustain what it has now. Good luck out there. @GOPLeader&mdash">">@GOPLeader— Just Jeff (@Jeff_Matus) April">">April 16, 2014

Let go of the fear.   We can make it as a nation but we must first stop being fearful.  Fear creates the hate that have us oppressing one another rather than growing.

Think about it and then make the change.

Billboard in Louisiana

Dear MoveOn member,We won! A federal judge just ruled that we can keep up our billboard criticizing tea party Governor Bobby Jindal for standing between 242,000 Louisianans and Medicaid.(Quick recap: Republican governors and legislators are blocking a shocking 5 million Americans from accessing health care by refusing to accept federal funding to expand Medicaid. When we put up billboards in nine states calling out Republicans for standing in the way of health care, the state of Louisiana sued us, demanding we take down one of the billboards. But today, the judge issued a preliminary decision that allows our billboard to stay up and paves the way for the whole lawsuit to end with a victory).But here's the funny part: When we first put up the billboard, we reserved the space for only a month—and had no idea we'd be facing a lawsuit. Now, even though our billboard can legally stay up, financially it will have to come down soon —unless we extend our buy.Chip in to help us ensure …

GOP memo to MSM: Shut that shyt down

I preface this blog with this statement:  I rarely watch television because of my work hours and other commitments. 

Friday, April 11th, I was able to watch roughly 1 hour's worth of television.  Within the 1 hour of  off-on watching, I saw three attacks by women on the equal pay narrative.  These attacks were coming from commentators on "liberal" media outlets. 

Although these women stated there is no inequality in pay for women, all I heard was "Shut that shyt down now."  The GOP may not be the most savvy when it comes to new media but they have traditional media on lock.  These women were on various media outlets to stop the narrative of inequality of pay from gaining traction.

It is my view, this effort by the GOP will fail for the GOP still fails to understand women.  Girls may be gullible but women are much more complex in thinking.  It is offensive to me, as a woman, to see upper middleclass to wealthy women on television speaking on behalf of GOP agai…

Congressional Democrats and the ACA

At some point someone will awaken to the fact the ACA is not healthcare, it is a set of regulation for health insurance providers.I have sat by since 2010 watching the crazy over allowing more people to purchase health insurance at an affordable rate.
The ACA is not President Obama’s idea.It is the brainchild of the Republican party’s think tank, The Heritage Foundation.It is geared to put more public dollars into the hands of private enterprise.It is not the plan actually put forth by President Obama.
Yet, we still have some Democrats running away from the ACA instead of calling it out very simple as I have done in less than 250 words.We need Democrats with spines to be elected to office.People unafraid to say, “ACA is not the best but it is better than no regulation of the healthcare insurance market.”It is simple.Each Democrat in Congress should be in his or her state making such things known.It is not for the President to push ACA.Congress, grow an loving spine and talk to the peopl…

Don't Let Money Rule You

This week there was much gnashing of teeth after the SCOTUS , stated more money could be put into politics by businesses.On the surface it looks horrible, however; it is not the end of the world.IMHO the only thing this decision means it is imperative to get out the vote in 2014.
This election cycle hinges on enough people becoming awakened and informed.When people let go of their fear and hate of other Americans, progress happens.We have the current repressive government because of the grip of fear on Americans.It is time for it to end.
It is time to assuage those fears and to get out the vote.If each person desiring more progressive legislation spoke to one person per day, no amount of gerrymandering or money will allow this nation to regress.Preach to the people, "Don't sell your voice".  We only have to look at the Afghani people. Under threat of violence they voted.