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Don't Let Money Rule You

This week there was much gnashing of teeth after the SCOTUS , stated more money could be put into politics by businesses.  On the surface it looks horrible, however; it is not the end of the world.  IMHO the only thing this decision means it is imperative to get out the vote in 2014. 

This election cycle hinges on enough people becoming awakened and informed.  When people let go of their fear and hate of other Americans, progress happens.  We have the current repressive government because of the grip of fear on Americans.  It is time for it to end.

It is time to assuage those fears and to get out the vote.  If each person desiring more progressive legislation spoke to one person per day, no amount of gerrymandering or money will allow this nation to regress.    Preach to the people, "Don't sell your voice".   We only have to look at the Afghani people.  Under threat of violence they voted. 


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It is simple in my view, we have a problem.  We must ask why are assault weapons, weapons that spray when fired, required in civilian life.  I am not against gun ownership. I do question those who are arming themselves with weapons more suited for battle than stopping home invasion.  Are these people expecting the American government to attack them? Why?

As details emerge from this latest mass shooting, it becomes more clear, we have a problem that is not solved by more guns.