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Here we go AGAIN ????

It seems the GOP has taken the discontent with a website to mean it is time to repeal ACA again.   There seems to be a disconnect in GOP logic.  My discontent with GOP doesn't mean I dislike all Protestant heterosexual White males.  My discontent means I wish today's GOP were more the party of Lincoln than the party of dicks and assholes.   The only thing the party has done is to produce legislation to allow hazardous transportation of oil across our waterways and farmland.   It is time for mobilization to remove GOP from all levels of government.    As a whole they have done more to help multinational corporations than they have to help the American people.   These crazy attacks on the ACA show a concerning lack of concern for Americans.   The current for profit healthcare system bankrupts families.   Yet, GOP claim it is better than ACA which is worse than slavery.  People rise up stop this crazy.  Vote or run for office.   Here we go again:…

Where is Faith

Faith is MIA in the Christian nation.   Faith has not been seen by Christian folks since November of 2008.  Well,  I should say some Christian folks haven't seen faith.   What happened in 2008? Americans elected a Black man to the office of President of the United States.    Aww hell naw! Was the scream from many households that night.  Some said with joy and some with fear.   I write to address the latter.   Since 2008 the membership in hate groups has grown rapidly.   Gun sales have increased exponentially. People are packing heat as in the days of the Wild Wild West. Recently we have seen a call to and an attempt to end our government.  The funny thing the person leading the dismantle the government wasn't born in America.   The things we do to ourselves.   All of this call to arms and other such crap is fear based.  Fear causes one to lose sense of direction and sight of one's faith.  In the absence of faith, fear grows into a powerhouse of self-destructio…

Clueless Fucks

Okay, every now and then, as of late, I find the strength to get out of bed to blog.   In truth it could be the McDs coffee in my system that boosts me up.  Today it is the #EBT that motivated me.  The hate, the racism, the classism, and all of the other ism from that hash tag is beyond sad.  People without a fucking clue tweeted their cluelessness with glee. 

I ask who becomes gleeful when humans go hungry?  I once drove 160 miles a day for $11/hr.  I did not qualify for EBT.  I was a hungry motherfucker.  I don't wish hunger on anyone.  I can think of no one I wish to see hungry.  It is amazing Jesus, the Christ, did not think hunger was a reason for glee either.  Yet, the gleeful "Christians" were frothing to be the one with the most tweets of shame for the poor.  "Get a job" was the most often posted tweet.  Clueless.

It amazes me how the McDs or Walmart worker is not appreciated or considered to be a burden on society.  Okay raise minimum wage to $22/hr t…