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Clueless Fucks

Okay, every now and then, as of late, I find the strength to get out of bed to blog.   In truth it could be the McDs coffee in my system that boosts me up.  Today it is the #EBT that motivated me.  The hate, the racism, the classism, and all of the other ism from that hash tag is beyond sad.  People without a fucking clue tweeted their cluelessness with glee. 

I ask who becomes gleeful when humans go hungry?  I once drove 160 miles a day for $11/hr.  I did not qualify for EBT.  I was a hungry motherfucker.  I don't wish hunger on anyone.  I can think of no one I wish to see hungry.  It is amazing Jesus, the Christ, did not think hunger was a reason for glee either.  Yet, the gleeful "Christians" were frothing to be the one with the most tweets of shame for the poor.  "Get a job" was the most often posted tweet.  Clueless.

It amazes me how the McDs or Walmart worker is not appreciated or considered to be a burden on society.  Okay raise minimum wage to $22/hr these people will not be on EBT.  Yet time and time again these workers are derided by the 1% or the wanna be 1% for not having better jobs.  I am sure the owners of McDs welcome the opportunity to work the front counter and drive thru by themselves.  I am sure the district managers for Walmart dream of working the checkout lines by themselves.  The minimum wage earner is part of the American taxation equation and pays his or her fair share.  I don't seem them as takers.  Without the minimum wage earner you don't have millionaires.  Clueless

It is amazing the attacks and shaming of the poor but not a peek about the millionaires who get government subsidies.  Monsanto gets subsides and farm aid via their "producers" or what I call modern day share cropping.  Sure the check has Farmer John's name on it but he owes it all to Monsanto or Tyson.  I am a country woman and I see this shit every 6 to 9 months.  Former family farms now being owned by corporate interests.  Families working 3 -4 jobs to keep the family farm that is in debt to Monsanto or Tyson.  Yet no one squawks about the more than $6K a month given to these companies for doing nothing.  I guess the working poor getting $6K a year in EBT are easier targets.  Clueless

The #EBT brought out those who believe in the mythical society of welfare queens.  I even had to correct my cousin on this matter.  I said to him, if you see welfare fraud report it.  Talking to me will do no good unless you are dropping names to me.  Yet if you are spreading it on the street then go tell the proper authorities. Some people just want to bitch. They don't know the welfare queen anymore than I know Santa Claus.  They are looking for a fight and feel the working poor are the best target.  When we turn a blind eye to such assaults we are no better than the bully.  I am speaking up an out on this strain of stupidity.  Clueless

As I sat sipping my McDs coffee becoming more geeked by the minute with each sip, a woman approached me for help with her phone.  She related to me a story of seeing an elderly White woman crying at the grocery store yesterday because her EBT card was declined.  I thought of one tweeter's comment of people freaking out over a little inconvenience .  I live in the rural area of rural Mississippi, getting a ride 17 miles into town to buy food is more than a little inconvenience.  It is degrading for many of the elderly in my area who now use EBT having worked most of their lives without EBT.  They are ashamed at having to ask for a ride into town let alone at having the card declined when they get to the register.  I was appalled at the callous attitudes on Twitter regarding #EBT failure.  I was more appalled these tweeters claimed to be Christians.  I had a "money changers in the temple moment" during the #EBT Festival of Haters. Clueless

When Xmas times comes this year, which according to my local CVS was last week, I don't expect to hear jack about a war on Xmas.  What good is Xmas when you are hating the poor the rest of the year? Clueless Fucks.


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