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Day 47 2/26/2012

My weekend has been full. This weekend I had plans to do nothing but rest. However, I found myself more active than ever. I attempted to do a good deed on Saturday costing myself several hours of rest. Lack of rest lately has thrown my body cycle off by more than a week. I am stressing. I have started the B Complex. I am not getting as much water into my system as I need. My vision is not normal because of the dehydration but I am unable to increase my intake of water without cramps. My entire body is swollen. This week starting small with upper body work. I must do something to release the pressure from the swelling. All of the health issues aside, I am happy. Today church was very funny. We had Catholicism explained to us in satire. The unfortunate part was my son did not get the satire and was frighten. Back story: My son has been attending New Age\New Thought since my preganancy. I had to explain to my son the satire of the presentation. He was very frig…

Danger to America

Newt stated President Obama is a danger to America. Should Santorum be elected he will have this country in WWIII within months. His latest statement shows a complete lack of understanding of international relations beyond Europe. We can claim an error but many internationally are tired of our errors at their expense. We must remember to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Strike first needs to no longer be our mode of operation. People such as Santorum only serve to involve us in wars and domination. The Bible states the meek shall inherit the earth. We need to bring home our troops. I do not agree with our involvment in what amounts to wars for international corporations. It is time we break the cycle of poor people fighting wars for the wealthy.

Day 45 2/24/2012

I blew a gasket at my job. Undermanned and overworked.

Working to being positive vibes back into my life.

Drove to work with mess on my mind. Goal one for weekend is to change my thoughts back to positive vibrations. Will have a few hours alone tomorrow for meditation.

Looking forward to my alone time.

Food for thought

When I read or hear of Minorites loving welfare I think how those in know actually love having minorities on welfare.

Hair care in minority communities is huge business. There is a reason Koreans own/operate Black hair care shops. It is a money maker. When minorities concentrate their money within their communities they create jobs. However it takes money out of circulation in the larger community. It is then we see legislation that forces the money into the larger community.

I am not against regulations that benefit the public welfare. I do question legislation that is designed to hinder the freedoms of a particular group.

It may seem small. I may be off base. However I find it to be horse pucky to claim minorities love welfare while inhibiting the ability of minorities to be self sufficient.

Twitter Special 2162012

I write this quick blog update in honor of someone in MS with whom I have been debating the last few hours. I have family issues today so I may not be my normal polictically correct self. Please read the links at the end to understand why I have the veiws I do. This twit fest started over my simple response to a question about contraception. I am of the opinion that insurance companies that cover viagra should cover birth control as well. I do not use viagra but I pay for it as part of my base premiums. Also, these same religiuos institutions have had insurance coverage of contraceptives for years. Why such arugments now? In America we have people, who in my view, are finding reasons, no matter how off the wall, to be angry with President Obama. I would rather these people come out and say "we hate having a nigger in office" than to continue to protray being without knowledge. These people attempt to hide their racial hatred behind seemingly on the surface plausib…

What year is it

I am lost. What year is it in America? We are now fighting over contraceptives? WTH?!??!?! This morning I became more confused as to the year after a Black buddy informed me that dreds will keep a person from being employed.

Because I had my dred head at work I had to end the conversation. I remember the times when not looking Caucasian would keep me from having choice assignments. However as my skills improved within my profession I found my hair mattered less and less.

America why are we slipping back into ignorance? What year is it really?

Democratic Revival in Mississippi

The elections in Mississippi in 2011 highlighted not the strength of the Republican party but the disorganization of the Democratic Party in Mississippi. Rickey Cole, Executive Director of the Mississippi Democratic Executive Committee, was in Kosciusko to start the process of rebuilding the party in Mississippi.

Mr. Cole acknowledged the racial divide within the Democratic party in Mississippi as being one of many hurdles to bringing the party back to life. Mr Cole encouraged, the mainly African-American, group to reach out to everyone in the community for help in rebuilding the party.

The main purpose for Mr Cole's visit was to explain the precinct caucus process. Precinct caucuses allow both parties to increase membership. The group present at the meeting in the Bobcat Center asked questions of Mr Cole regarding party operation. One question asked often was how to stop those not loyal to the Democratic party from running as Democrats? Mr Cole placed the responsibility of ve…

Day 35 2012

Okay I have missed several days of posting. I have been laying waste to what is left of my life. Good news I am the better for the events. I have been able to see how to fix what has been wrong. My 14 year old actually showed to me the path. The student became the teacher. He showed to me my words in action. He has made a positive turn in his life using my words. He has issued the challenge for me to do the same.

Positive note I am down a few inches. Negative note the inches were made less the wrong way. Lack of sleep and food. Eating properly, exercise, and sleep are the only way for good health. Today is still young but I have accomplished most of the goals set for myself today. Stepping out on faith.

A time to beat a parent

As you read know I shall not win parent of the week anytime soon. However my goal is to be the best mom ever. As I was doing laundry tonight, I noticed a show on TLC. The show Toddlers and Tiaras was playing. I became angry.
Watch the show once and you will understand the reason for my title.

Everyone involved needs to be investigated. Who puts his/her children through such mess?

Day 29 2012

Today was a better day. I am still dehydrated. I was very productive at the office. A client commented how I appeared to have lost weight. I was shocked for my clothes still feel tight. I shall rest tonight. I must rehydrate. Sleep is a necessary commodity in the game of life. Only those who are well rested will be able to achieve goals set.

Day 28 2012

I am not sleeping. Diet and exercise will not work without sleep. I am late on tasks that need to occur. Currently all tasks are happening in my head only. I must get sleep. Eating healthy is not an issue. I also walk on the job roughly 3 miles each day. Tonight I am feeling the affect of lack of sleep on my body. My heart is pounding and my thinking is flawed. Keeping the hope that I shall sleep soon.

Voter ID is Red Herring

It is funny how the party fighting for Voter ID to prevent election fraud has been very suspect since 2000 of voter fraud. Voters are not the one engaging in fraud. Those who control the elections are guilty. We must fight these theft of our rights as Americans. Our votes must be counted. Those who control the elections must be held accountable.

I still care

I continue to ponder the minds of Romney and those who are okay with his thought processes. Admittedly I understand that Romney was attempting to pander to the "middle class" with his statements of no concern for the rich or poor. Yet, I have discovered that pandering yields little of lasting value in life. I refuse to pander. When I say I care, I actually mean it.
I have no desire to see the rich become poor for it means economic times have become extremely hard. I have no desire to see the middle class become paupers for it means there is no one to give to the poor. I truly have no desire for the poor to be homeless and hungry for it means a violent revolution. I care. We are more than the sum of Romney's thoughts. We as Americans are more than what the trust fund managers say we are. We need to make it known that we can not be bought. We will no longer vote against our best interests in hopes of one day being 1%. We will do that which is right for our nation …

Day 27 2012

I am happy. Doing my best to not fall into old patterns. I had a moment today of numbness on left side. I am shaking it off to claim good health.

Two Advils seem to have me back on top. I am taking this weekend to update my look. I am also preparing for workshop.

Staying positive is key. I have paid bills so less stress in my life.

Am I still on Earth?

Am I alone in wondering why Mitt is even running for office? He stated he is not worried about the very poor for they have safety nets. Is he really so obtuse that he is not aware of the ALEC legislation being passed in statehouses to remove the safety nets. Mitt is not living in my world for sure. I am wondering what world he is in these days? Mitt even threw rich people under the bus. He stated what 99% of Americans know, the rich are fine.
We must wake up. We can no longer afford to sleep. It is time to get corporations out of our government.

Day 26 2012

Yes, I awoke early. I was able to perform well at the office. I am working to be in bed early tonight again.

I am closer to actually having normalcy in my life. Looking forward to adding a regular workout routine.