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I still care

I continue to ponder the minds of Romney and those who are okay with his thought processes. Admittedly I understand that Romney was attempting to pander to the "middle class" with his statements of no concern for the rich or poor. Yet, I have discovered that pandering yields little of lasting value in life. I refuse to pander. When I say I care, I actually mean it.
I have no desire to see the rich become poor for it means economic times have become extremely hard. I have no desire to see the middle class become paupers for it means there is no one to give to the poor. I truly have no desire for the poor to be homeless and hungry for it means a violent revolution. I care. We are more than the sum of Romney's thoughts. We as Americans are more than what the trust fund managers say we are. We need to make it known that we can not be bought. We will no longer vote against our best interests in hopes of one day being 1%. We will do that which is right for our nation and the citizens of our nation.

All Americans must be taken into consideration. We must be honest in our economic narratives. If KXL is the best jobs bill the GOP house can produce we are screwed as a nation. We must insist on honest dialogue. It is time we become the experts instead of quoting the "experts". It is coming out that members of Congress are vested in KXL. It seems there is no concern for America only for checking accounts. Wake up America. Wake up


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