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Democratic Revival in Mississippi

The elections in Mississippi in 2011 highlighted not the strength of the Republican party but the disorganization of the Democratic Party in Mississippi. Rickey Cole, Executive Director of the Mississippi Democratic Executive Committee, was in Kosciusko to start the process of rebuilding the party in Mississippi.

Mr. Cole acknowledged the racial divide within the Democratic party in Mississippi as being one of many hurdles to bringing the party back to life. Mr Cole encouraged, the mainly African-American, group to reach out to everyone in the community for help in rebuilding the party.

The main purpose for Mr Cole's visit was to explain the precinct caucus process. Precinct caucuses allow both parties to increase membership. The group present at the meeting in the Bobcat Center asked questions of Mr Cole regarding party operation. One question asked often was how to stop those not loyal to the Democratic party from running as Democrats? Mr Cole placed the responsibility of vetting on building stronger precincts to produce stronger candidates.

Mississippi Democrats will only move forward if they follow a new narrative. First remove the hurts of the racial strife in the state. Secondly make public GOP running as Democrats. Thirdly being unafraid to lay claim to the title of liberal.


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