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Day 47 2/26/2012

My weekend has been full. This weekend I had plans to do nothing but rest. However, I found myself more active than ever. I attempted to do a good deed on Saturday costing myself several hours of rest. Lack of rest lately has thrown my body cycle off by more than a week. I am stressing. I have started the B Complex. I am not getting as much water into my system as I need. My vision is not normal because of the dehydration but I am unable to increase my intake of water without cramps. My entire body is swollen. This week starting small with upper body work. I must do something to release the pressure from the swelling. All of the health issues aside, I am happy. Today church was very funny. We had Catholicism explained to us in satire. The unfortunate part was my son did not get the satire and was frighten. Back story: My son has been attending New Age\New Thought since my preganancy. I had to explain to my son the satire of the presentation. He was very frighten of the number of sins one had to remember in Catholicism


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This weekend due to an enduring cough, I decided to binge watch Wayward Pines.  In truth, I actually need to binge on Game of Thrones but I shall save that binge($$$$$) for my birthday.  Let me not chase that rabbit for now.  Wayward Pines is one example of how having majority White writers of science fiction/fantasy continue to ignore the actual composition of Earth's population, the societal norms of those populations, and the ability of those populations to thrive outside of White intervention.

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