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The words we use

Someone in the media is in hot water for calling the president a dick. In all fairness I have said worse about Dick Cheney and George Bush. Well Cheney.

I do not think anyone should be in trouble for call president a dick. However I have yet to see President Obama do anything that warrants my calling him anything other than Mr. President.

He has not started any unwarranted wars. He has not fought to keep the American people in financial bondage. He has worked to change the tax code to keep the American economy viable.

Why would anyone call Obama a dick is beyond me. IMHO we have had people in power who were true dicks. They managed to screw the people of America and the world so badly it will take a decade to feel normal.

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Now is the time.

Ok people. President Obama is taking a stand, finally, for a true progressive cause,getting rid of Bush's tax cuts.

We must now come together to put pressure on Congress to join him. We can not wait. We must act now. Make those calls. We have a voice.

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Save me

Quick thought: how long before we lose Internet freedom in United States? I look at how we are becoming more informed citizens via Internet communications and wonder when will "Da Man" stop our revolution. We are becoming more human and less sheep everyday we step outside MSM. Can we stay free?

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Coming Home: Revolution Brewing in Mississippi

Wael Ghonim returned to Egypt to lead a revolution that freed Egyptians from state tyranny. I returned to Mississippi several years ago to care for ailing grandmother. My plans were to leave once she kicked the bucket. However, life has a way of changing plans. After yesterday's round of politics, I am glad I stayed.

I have met people who allow me to no longer feel like a fish out of water. They are passionate about progressive change in Mississippi. They understand that playing party politics will not improve life for Mississippians. The passion expressed by all of them for using education of all of the state's children to lift up the state is tangible. They use words that speak to all Mississippians no matter race, sex, sexual orientation, or political party affiliation. They are tired of the "brain drain" that keeps Mississippi last in the union. Some of them never left Mississippi and some returned home to start a revolution.

I admire these people for com…

Just Local

I spent a hot day in Mississippi chasing politics. I am lightheaded and filled to the brim with shit. Dems and Repubs both filled the air with rehtoric that would make nice crops come Fall.

It is amazing how we can remmeber mess much better than stuff that matters. In my sun induced heatstroked brain, I can only retain a certain Dem running for office based on his record. My issue with his record is it is a shitty one. He is running against a person with an even shitter record. I cold only shake my head. I am an outsider and cannot vote in the election but the results of the election determins how I conduct buisiness in the area. I am stuck in sweage and yes it stinks. Are there not any other candidates?

I left that event to take my liberal sunstroked brain to a GOP event. The only person making sense at the debate was a fed-up country boy. He said things that would not make him popular at any Tea Party. He spoke of going after employers rather than those who come to this …

Follow the money or

Connect the dots. If we put all the news stories together we come up with a dark corporate control of the population. I am writing from my phone so no links but feel free to search out my logic.

Most of our food comes from corporate owned farms.

Even illegals get paid more than minimum wage as farm laborers.

There is a huge push in states that either process or produce our foods to stop illegal immigration.

There is a huge push in these same states to deport these people.

Investing in private prisons is the in thing to do for a secure financial future.

Even if you were incarcerated for a none violent crime you have an extended parole after your release.

Any violation of parole sends you back to lock-up.

After Georgia created harsh immigration legislation, many immigrants left the state.

Millions of dollars of crops are rotting in Georgia's fields. Turns out harvesting food is not one of the jobs Americans want.

How soon will it be before prison labor is used…

Keeping it real: My Walmart posting

I spent yesterday (June 20, 2011) somewhat numb. It was early morning and I had no coffee when I learned the SCOTUS dismissed the class action suit against Wal-Mart. I am a long time Wal-mart shopper. Although I am a liberal and most of my associates are liberals, I still shop Wal-Mart. I have spent years defending my decision to shop Wal-mart. My defense of Wal-mart comes from living in a small rural Southern town before Wal-mart. Although I am a fan of independent business owners, I do not enjoy being fleeced. Before Wal-mart we paid high cost for poor quality food. The vegetables and fruits were often old and the meat suspect. Wal-mart came to town and changed the way we purchased items. We no longer had to drive up to 80 miles away to get deals on our food or electronic purchases. We were able to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. Yes, some of the locally owned businesses did close. However, those businesses had been fleecing the community for years. When I moved to …

Collateral Damage from the War on Drugs

I am spending my morning in court. As I listen to the cases presented they all are bound by one string; the war on drugs.

A popular link this week has been former president Jimmy Carter's call to end the war on drugs. I am typing from my phone so no links. The war to end drug usage is creating more damage than good. Instead of a war on drugs we need a national campaign to teach people how to handle life's challenges. We are teaching at a young age to tuen to drugs. I am the parent of a child whose is ADD(I refuse to say hyper for he is not) & has Tourettes. When I started giving medication to him for control, I informed him the medication was a temporary tool we would use as he trained his mind to control both the ADD& Tourettes. It has not been easy but at age 14 he is not on medications. He is not a straight A student but he is able to learn the concepts taught in school. It is not easy but it is possible to reach a child when you stay present(aware )in his/her l…

Doing Right Lasts Forever

Mississippi is taking steps, slow steps,but steps towards righting the wrongs of the past. Today I attended the dedication ceremony of the FBI building in Jackson to the three young men who were killed, for getting people registered to vote. It is nice that we have a building for these men. Now we need to get people out to vote. We need to appreciate they died trying to help us exercise our rights as citizens to have a voice in the government of our country. It is sad that we ( all of us not just Blacks) do not vote with the appreciation of the right.

Warning: Racist Rant

Also language not befitting a lady. I shall update my blog format early morning. As for now I shall say a few things about Black folks.

1. Is Obama president of Black folks alone or the United States?

2. Although his absentee father was from Kenya does Obama owe all of Africa a personal debt?

In the last few days I have had to put my foot down in some nigga issues in my own life. It is a coincidence how in the last few days I have read two stories of Blacks upset with Obama. Get a freaking grip potato chips. He is a Black man who is President of the United States. He would be derelict in his duties as president to only propose legislation to benefit one particular group. As Blacks we have long complained of presidents who only sought to benefit one particular group. We must rise above such thinking.

My African peeps who are not happy with the FLOTUS visit; forget you. Those of you in the States dislike American Blacks anyway. One would think we sold you into slavery. You sit on natu…

Happy Father's Day

Today the importance of fathers was not lost on me. My son, who has had many birthdays, turned 14 today. After getting a call from his father he remarked how it was the first time his birthday had been acknowledge. I replied son this is the first year you have not had an actual party but your birthday is always noted. He then tripped over himself to explain his comment. I simply said I love you for I understood how it felt to have your father take an interest in you.

I have yet to meet my biological father. The man I called Daddy was my stepfather. He married my mother when I was 7. He came into the relationship understanding he would have to be a father and an uncle to my mother’s niece. He watched over the two of us as if he had given birth to us. He was not put off by my grandmother, who insisted he was not a real man. She would say such things to my muscled step-father for he not only cooked and cleaned but he also took time to have tea with me and my dolls.


Smith County Melons

This morning a FB mentioned something about watermelon. I immediately thought of my grandmother's love for Smith County Melons. When I got my driver license at 15, I had no idea I would be her access to Smith County Melons. She would have me go to her friends homes to get melons. It was just something about the soil.

As a child I would wonder what was the purpose of growing our own melons if I had to drive over an hour away to get Smith County Melons. I still wonder why Mississippians do some of the things they do today. I can still feel the heat on my back as I worked the clay to grow watermelons. I can still feel the heartbreak of what drought can do to a melon patch. Pardon me I became lost in memories. What I learned from my childhood is grow what works for your land and drive the hour to Smith County to buy your watermelons. Your back will thank you.

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Liberal takeover of the media

We have heard little in the last 20 years but "liberal" media. However, the information given to people in America only serves to either dumb down or to promote corporate agendas. It is time for real liberals to create liberal media.

CNN has spent more time tweeting about court cases than debt ceiling or social security cuts combined. What gives?

I an seeking to be informed in such a manner that I am free to make a choice. I would rather come to love big oil on my own than to have op-ed saying I would be stupid not to love big oil.

What is do horrible about the liberal message that makes it hard to get advertising dollars? As a liberal I do not care about your consensual bedroom activities. I refuse to poison the water and then insist you pay the doctor after the water makes you ill. I understand that if you do not have a livable wage then you can not buy my cheap products which means I make no money. What is so bad about being a liberal?

We need liberal media. We nee…

Voter ID Rant

nullLate yesterday, I got a text seeking submission for a con essay on voter ID. Below you will see my working notes and my 4th rough draft of my con essay on voter ID. I am open to any and all comments and suggestions. I thank my FB friends for their time in providig feedback to me on the essay.

Cons against Voter ID

14th amendment violation ( )
March 24, 1966 decision of the SCOTUS in Harper v. Virginia Board of Elections
“We conclude that a State violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment whenever it makes the affluence of the voter or payment of any fee an electoral standard.”

2003 Federal Voting Standards and Procedures Act requires states to streamline registration, voting, and other election procedures.

Read more: U.S. Voting Rights

Violaion of Federal elections
24th Amendment
1. The right of citizens of the United Sta…

Mama is a brand new chick

Honest, is a key thing I said I would be when I started this blog. The purpose of this blog is for me to speak on issues that affect us all. I often write how I call myself on my own mess. I write tonight about something that is personal but something that must not be hidden. Yesterday, I did not post for I had an issue in my personal life that affects many women in America. Domestic violence.

Although my mother holds many degrees she was a victim of domestic violence. Domestic violence is not just what a husband or boyfriend does. It is something that is done by anyone who hold the intimate trust of a woman (i.e. mother, father,etc). My mother's response to the domestic violence I experience reminded me of a scene from The Color Purple( "Beat her.") What a bunch of hogwash.

My standing up against the verbal assault was the reason I was physically assaulted. I knew not to expect any sympathy or compassion from my mother. After I told her I was sexually molested …

Mother mother mother why are your children crying

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The article in the title link is in regards to children left alone for 24 hours. People on FB had the parent tried and convicted. I asked the people to hold judgement.

I thought of the 2 hour trips I have taken for interviews for jobs that did not work out. (Full disclosure: I am not willing to accept a wage that will force my child to live in a crime ridden depressed area). I am not willing to judge the parents until full details emerge on the story. I am not sure what they are having to do to feed their children. I do not know why they do not have family or even friend support. At this time I have empathy with what the children must be feeling at this time.

I am reminded of how during the Great Depression many families fell apart when the adults were forced to go farther and farther away to find work. ( My grandmother's favorite …

Blessings Every Hour

I share this late night update for when anything good happens in my life I share it with everyone. Today I recieved a blessings. A tree that should have been cut by the people who purchased our timber on the low low fell today. My home was spared.

With money being what it has been for me lately, I had wondered last weekend how I would be able to afford having the tree re

moved. I knew if we had another month as we did in April the tree would have to fall (logic).

During today's mild storm the tree did fall but it did not hit my home. Blessings!!!!

I did not have to pay someone $4K to remove it. Double blessing. My son and I shall take the chainsaw to it for the less than the cost of a tank of gas.

I had to share the good news. I shall rant and rave in the morning about Clarence Thomas and his wife subversion of American liberties for private gain. Tonight, I shall sleep wrapped in the glow of blessings.

Love, light, and joy to everyone.

Sometimes it is good to be wrong

I shall make this post one of my short ones. I have made no secret of my doubts about Libya being the hotbed of unrest that is being reported in MSM. This morning as I was writing my blog about sleazy men, I found the story in the title link. The U.S. is "pressuring" other African nations to denounce Gadhafi. If you are not aware, the African continent still supplies natural resources used in many First World nations. There is a reason we did not send in drones to the Congo or to Syria. I am disappointed that President Obama would allow our country to be involved in something so vile. Gadhafi's crime is the same as Saddam's and Hugo Chavez. He has been trying to unify African countries to take control over the natural resources(nationalization). China is not investing heavily in Africa for no reason.
Please check out the links.

I have said from the start there is something funny about the "rebels" in Libya. There is something strange about there …

Sex still on my mind

This morning I awaken early to do my morning workout with my son. My talks with my son turned to sex. He spoke his views and I corrected his views. I could tell that he was having in-depth sex conversations with other 13 year olds. My morning sex talk continued with an offline buddy. She and I discussed grown men with the minds of 13 year olds. We of course where discussing the latest hot topic that has gotten Americans to not focus on what is important to the nation. It was impossible to speak of Wiener without mentioning Vitter and Bishop Eddie Long. When thoughts turn to Vitter and to Bishop Eddie Long, Wiener seems downright tame.

My goal is not to forgive or to convict Wiener of any wrongdoing. I am asking that America put his preference for online sex into proper perspective. Wiener’s sexual behavior is of his wife’s concern. Wiener at no time has been shown to misuse his office as a congressman. Vitter’s love of whorehouses also boiled down to something between hi…

America on the dumb end. Part I

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Short post. WTH is going on in D.C.? What is going on with my fellow Americans fighting to maintain the profit margins of banks? I recently had someone attempt to argue to me that we needed to protect the rights of banks to raise debit processing fees. The argument was not raising the fees would cause small banks, small towns, and small businesses to fail. I was lost. I read the posting several times but could not grasp how the user came to such logic. When did banks depend on debit fees to run their operations? I always thought banks made most of their money on investing in venture enterprises and in loaning money to customers. The interest rate for inter-bank borrowing is less than 1% but to the consumer the rate is is still well above 3%. The posting had me lost and confused about the defense to save the banks.

This man was argui…

X-Men Spolier Do Not Read

I am taking the time to write my thoughts on the X-Men movie before making the hour trek home. My son and I saw the movie. We enjoyed the movie but was thrown off by the time line in the movie. Yes, I know there are things happening in my country that deserve my ranting but I am a real lover of comics and of X Men. The movie overall is worth the price of admission but there were a few things that got to me as a movie and as a X-Men lover.

Mystic was and Prof. X were the same age. Who do the producers of this movie think are coming to see it? I am an older fan and long time reader of Marvel Comics. I am sharing my love for X Men with my son. My son has been well versed in Marvel history. I resented the liberties taken in this movies.
How can Nightcrawler who is at least 100 years of age be the child of a child of the 1940's?
I thought we had advanced beyond the "Crispus Attucks" character in movies. I was disappointed to see that "Darwin" ,the blac…

I socialized media this morning

Today is not one of those days. I just left the X-Men movie and plan to write a short blog on my experience. This posting to my blog is in regards to how I spent my morning with a some wonderful people in Mississippi. This morning I spent my time discussing social media and politics.

In a nut shell, I encourage the group to become bloggers, to comment on blogs and news articles, and to still write letters to newspapers and magazines. I also warned users of being idiots on the internet via twitter, Facebook, etc.... Once upon a time there was anonymity on the web, those days are gone. If you would not do something in person do not do it on the web.

After the discussion panel this morning, I realized I had not touched on the organizing powers of the internet. Although, I as a RC have not been able to get people mobilized via the internet as of yet, I still have hope. I have hope because of what happened in Philadelphia, PA in 1997. Prior to Twitter and Facebook a mi…

Athletic Scores

Today, I write about a local issue that is a national problem; athletes doing poorly in school. I may not win a popularity contest but we must say it for what it is. When you, as an alumnus, find yourself cringing when an athlete from your school is interviewed something is wrong. Money does not make the person. The athletes who have lost all of the money they made during their careers are a direct result of poor education coupled with a cultivated mental attitude of poverty in childhood.

A local college in Mississippi, JSU, has had its football program placed on academic suspension. The athletes were unable after a year’s grace to pull up the team average. Most of the people on the FB community are supportive of athletes being able to maintain passing GPAs. However there are some people seeking a way to tie the suspension to racism. If the suspension is an act of racism, I love it. My children have claimed over the years that I am an abusive parent for not allowing them to run …

Just Prepping

I am prepping for my participation in a forum about social media. The forum, sponsored by the Democratic Club, is 6/11/11 @ 9:30am in Jackson, MS.

I am working on a piece about Clarence Thomas and what Weiner knew. I have to wonder what he knew. The media has totally forgotten about the importance of a possible conflict of interests on the part of Justice Thomas.

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Deadly Lying

Lying is the topic of my blog post for today. I lie, have lied, and may lie again. Lying is not something I wake-up planning to do. However in all of my lying (age, height, weight, and where I was the night before) I have not told any lies that would cause another to die or to face financial or physical harm. When I look at the recent lie of Anthony Weiner I am sadden and angry that he became a victim of his own press clippings. However, his lie means nothing in the grand scheme of America and is not worth the press time. The lie we need to investigate is the lie Bush told to involve us in war and the financial devastation we now face..

The execution of Bin Laden in Pakistan is the first clue that something was/is wrong with our war on terror. I am in the camp that Bin Laden was not hard to find. There was no need for us to become involved in wars in either Afghanistan or Iraq. Why did we not freeze his assets (which were well hidden in gold) and the assets of his family? …

We Need A Change

Obama can not do it alone. We must be the change. I spent my day in deep thought. My thought is what will it take for us to be the change?

Weiner's wiener should not dominate our news. Casey Anthony's trial should not have a dedicated news station (CNN). We need to cover issues such as Medicare, infrastructure, banks not releasing funds to fund industry, and why we are still in the nation building business. We must be the change we desire. We must write the media outlets to them know what we desire to be feed each day. We must let Congress know that the Tea Party does not speak for America. Finally we must step-up to create the changes we desire. If we are mad at Wal-mart start our own co-operative market. if we are made about oil companies we need to invest in companies that develop alternative forms of energy. We must do it and do it now.

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Do I really Own my Land

I am about to wax on one of my favorite subjects, corporate control of government. Please click on the title link for the background on my rant for today. As I was preparing this blog, I was notified that A. Weiner did send a pic of his penis to a young lady. God bless him. What a dumb move on his part. Enough of diversion news. I wish to discuss what is the purpose of my owning property if the government can just come in and take it to give to a corporation? What is the purpose of my working 12 to 18 hours a day in my young years to only be told when I am ready to retire some corporation wants my land? I keep thinking of Dudley Do Right and Nell. I see the robber baron corporations having taken over the fort that was built by the people for protection from robber barons.

I understand there is a time when government may for the good of the people need to build a road or something on private property. However, I do not understand why the government will take a person's pro…

I Need 24/7 News Coverage of My Grass Growing

I am up writing early this morning. My 18 year old ships out today for BASIC. I am looking for the news crews to be outside my home when I return. I am waiting for the24/7 coverage of a woman who has not killed her children, has provided support for them in whatever they have decided to do that is positive, and has only two grey hairs in the process. Recently there has been a petition floating around on FB demanding our news organizations to stop covering Sarah Palin. I suggest taking the petition one step further; petition to get news reporting agencies to start reporting news.

We can not get anything today in America that smells of news unless it is regarding a tweet from a celebrity ( It is sad when reporting is coming from FB and Twitter. What the heck are the Mass Communication majors doing with their degrees? I get more investigative reporting from my FB buddies who are computer geeks. It is a sad freaking day when electrical and computer engineer…

MS governor's race questions to candidates update

Update 06/04/2011

Ok, I am posting the responses I received from the candidates for governor of Mississippi. I had originally planned to post these replies last week, however; my 18 year old wrecked his SUV. Who would be governor of Mississippi was last thing on my mind. Today, all looks well on my home front and I shall post the responses I did receive.

Only one of the better known by name candidates acknowledge my request for information; Phil Bryant. The lesser known candidates actually responded within 24 hours of my request. I am posting the responses unedited. The purpose of this blog posting is to inform. Although I am a very opinionated person, I am keeping my opinions to myself in this blog. Please read the responses with an open mind. Remember these are the people we are trusting to provide government for all people even those who did not vote for them. We must stay informed and stay active in the process for a better Mississippi, America, and world.

I shall be at P…