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Another Failure in the Making

Frequent visitors to my blog are by now familiar with my constant speak on drugs and alcohol. I write,in almost every post, how I have a need for more alcohol and drugs to cope with the stupidity in government. Yet, I should make it known prior to today's posting that I do not abuse alcohol or use illicit drugs. My doctors are hard pressed to get me to take the medications they prescribe to me. When you read today's posting know that I am writing not as a user/abuser but as someone who fails to see the benefit of drug testing recipients of government financial assistance.

I have a busy morning so I shall keep this posting short and sweet. Simply I see this move to test as a waste of money. The capitalist in me translates a large welfare roll into less people to lower the rate of pay I make. The humanist in me questions how withholding government assistance to those who need it will help them get off whatever substance they are abusing. The rationalist in me asks, why not test them for alcohol abuse. Alcohol destroys more families and homes than any single illicit drug in America. The Christian in me wonders, why create a law that focuses on punishing someone, when The Lord says, "vengeance is mine". My thrifty soul wants to know if this law is penny wise while being pound foolish.

It is a disgrace that this "Christian" nation is now working so hard to oppress people out of fear that "God" will not provide for the needs of the nation. The number of people who are abusing the social welfare system or who are abusers of illicit substances does not constitute half of those receiving social welfare. Someone stated to me that he has to be drug tested to keep his job so why should those receiving public assistance be any different. I replied to him that I do not believe those on public assistance desire to keep receiving public assistance. Somewhere during the Reagan years a myth was started of how one could live the good life on public assistance. I ask of my readers please take the time to speak with someone who receives public assistance. It is not a plush lifestyle. I can not think of anyone who once received public assistance that desires to return to it.

We need to get from in front of the media and get out to meet our brothers and sisters in "Christ". We need to drop the thoughts of limitation and engage in the laws of abundance that will allow us to reach our full capacity. I write this as someone who although I do not abuse either alcohol or illicit drugs, I have had both to affect my life negatively. It was not until I learned to trust God, pray for the ones with addictions, and to focus more on my goals that I began to live a better life. Being the best me I can be has done more to lift my family than when I sought to punish them for their behaviors.

I am not for refusing benefits to those who fail drug tests. It is not worth the money or the effort to tests for drugs. There is no huge savings to tax payers and the definitely no benefit to those who need temporary assistance. Testing for assistance will only lead to an increase in other social ills that we do not need or desire to see in our country, increased prison population.

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