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We Need A Change

Obama can not do it alone. We must be the change. I spent my day in deep thought. My thought is what will it take for us to be the change?

Weiner's wiener should not dominate our news. Casey Anthony's trial should not have a dedicated news station (CNN). We need to cover issues such as Medicare, infrastructure, banks not releasing funds to fund industry, and why we are still in the nation building business. We must be the change we desire. We must write the media outlets to them know what we desire to be feed each day. We must let Congress know that the Tea Party does not speak for America. Finally we must step-up to create the changes we desire. If we are mad at Wal-mart start our own co-operative market. if we are made about oil companies we need to invest in companies that develop alternative forms of energy. We must do it and do it now.

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