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Warning: Racist Rant

Also language not befitting a lady. I shall update my blog format early morning. As for now I shall say a few things about Black folks.

1. Is Obama president of Black folks alone or the United States?

2. Although his absentee father was from Kenya does Obama owe all of Africa a personal debt?

In the last few days I have had to put my foot down in some nigga issues in my own life. It is a coincidence how in the last few days I have read two stories of Blacks upset with Obama. Get a freaking grip potato chips. He is a Black man who is President of the United States. He would be derelict in his duties as president to only propose legislation to benefit one particular group. As Blacks we have long complained of presidents who only sought to benefit one particular group. We must rise above such thinking.

My African peeps who are not happy with the FLOTUS visit; forget you. Those of you in the States dislike American Blacks anyway. One would think we sold you into slavery. You sit on natural resources that despite years of human habitation still rivals those found in the Amazon. Yet you continue to rape, kill, and to sell other Africans into slavery. A visit from Obama will not fix you ills. More money will not fix the generational issues in Africa. What will fix the issues is a change in the mindset of the people. Stop allowing other countries to take ownership of your natural resources. Stop waiting for a savior, be the savior you need.

I have my days when Black people work my last. After all I have and am still going through reading of how Africans were upset with Obama for not doing more because his father is from Kenya, well that was the straw. As I read that article all I could think was "really".

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