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I spent a hot day in Mississippi chasing politics. I am lightheaded and filled to the brim with shit. Dems and Repubs both filled the air with rehtoric that would make nice crops come Fall.

It is amazing how we can remmeber mess much better than stuff that matters. In my sun induced heatstroked brain, I can only retain a certain Dem running for office based on his record. My issue with his record is it is a shitty one. He is running against a person with an even shitter record. I cold only shake my head. I am an outsider and cannot vote in the election but the results of the election determins how I conduct buisiness in the area. I am stuck in sweage and yes it stinks. Are there not any other candidates?

I left that event to take my liberal sunstroked brain to a GOP event. The only person making sense at the debate was a fed-up country boy. He said things that would not make him popular at any Tea Party. He spoke of going after employers rather than those who come to this country illegally. He also spoke of improving education without using vouchers. He also spoke of the fact that Mississippi gets more than its fair share of federal tax dollars. I thought this guy will not win. He was saying things that make GOP sheep uncomfortable. The other two candidates spoke of little outside of the Tea Party talking points. I was ill and not from too much sun.

When will we get IT? We are beyond talking points and party politics. We need to come together for real solutions. We can not afford to vote on single issues but must look at the whole. We must not be afreaid to call out our representatives when they fail to carry out the duties of their office.

I sick. I am tired and I am done for the day. I shall write more tomorrow. As for today, I am sick of politicians lying to the people to get a vote. I am more sick of the people who do not call out those elected who show no results.


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It is simple in my view, we have a problem.  We must ask why are assault weapons, weapons that spray when fired, required in civilian life.  I am not against gun ownership. I do question those who are arming themselves with weapons more suited for battle than stopping home invasion.  Are these people expecting the American government to attack them? Why?

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I am typing a few quick thoughts today.  This thought is about White people being real.  When I returned to Mississippi in 2002, I had planned to only be here two years.  I didn't wish my kids to be in the oppressiveness of Mississippi too long.   I like other young Black people left this state before the ink was dry decades earlier.  When I returned in 2002, I was to learn of a silent change in the state, White folks waking-up. 

They are sadly still not the majority in 2017 but they are growing daily.  Trump has helped many White people face the mirror no longer able to deny the truth.  They are now facing the results of hate without the filter of Confederate glasses.  Mississippi is a wreck and holding on to a divisive symbol of hate, our flag.  Centuries of hate in the state has left the state destitute to the point even White people are leaving in large numbers.   Those now leaving are exporting hate to other states that have done well economically by ending policy of hate.