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Do I really Own my Land

I am about to wax on one of my favorite subjects, corporate control of government. Please click on the title link for the background on my rant for today. As I was preparing this blog, I was notified that A. Weiner did send a pic of his penis to a young lady. God bless him. What a dumb move on his part. Enough of diversion news. I wish to discuss what is the purpose of my owning property if the government can just come in and take it to give to a corporation? What is the purpose of my working 12 to 18 hours a day in my young years to only be told when I am ready to retire some corporation wants my land? I keep thinking of Dudley Do Right and Nell. I see the robber baron corporations having taken over the fort that was built by the people for protection from robber barons.

I understand there is a time when government may for the good of the people need to build a road or something on private property. However, I do not understand why the government will take a person's property to give to a corporation that may or may not benefit the community. This issue has me so angry I could spit.

Since 2001, we have turned over our rights to corporations without any complaints. It is time for us to stand up and say we will not take it anymore. We do not need big money to take a stand. We just need to take a stand for our rights as one. We must come together, now.

It is simple. Pass the links in this blog around the net. I do not need to expound on how the abuse of eminent domain enslaves the population. I am just encouraging you to get-up and to join with others who are no longer asleep to this madness.



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