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MS governor's race questions to candidates update

Update 06/04/2011

Ok, I am posting the responses I received from the candidates for governor of Mississippi. I had originally planned to post these replies last week, however; my 18 year old wrecked his SUV. Who would be governor of Mississippi was last thing on my mind. Today, all looks well on my home front and I shall post the responses I did receive.

Only one of the better known by name candidates acknowledge my request for information; Phil Bryant. The lesser known candidates actually responded within 24 hours of my request. I am posting the responses unedited. The purpose of this blog posting is to inform. Although I am a very opinionated person, I am keeping my opinions to myself in this blog. Please read the responses with an open mind. Remember these are the people we are trusting to provide government for all people even those who did not vote for them. We must stay informed and stay active in the process for a better Mississippi, America, and world.

I shall be at Politix In The Park, Saturday, June 25 at 11:00am to meet with the candidates. I ask that you also come out to meet the candidates as well.

The candidates:

William Bond Camton(no info)

Guy Dale Shaw(did not contact)

William D Oatis(no info)

Shawn O Hara(no info)

Ron Williams

Hudson Holiday ( Response below)

James Broadwater (Acknowledge questions but not responded questions)

Phil Bryant (R) (Acknowledge questions but not responded to questions)
Dave Dennis (R)
Johnny DuPree (D)
Bill Luckett (D)

Bobby A Kearan (Reform Party) (Response below)

The responses:

Bobby A Kearan May 23 at 5:41pm Report
Questions (a little edited in spots) and answers:

(LM) What happened to all the promises made that allowing gambling in MS would solve all of our woes? ... Who is getting all this 'promised' money?

(BK) The theory that we have been working under for the past thirty years or so has been that by reducing taxes on businesses and giving special breaks to the richest among us, that the wealth they accumulate will somehow circulate throughout the economy. Government has arranged for special favor to businesses to encourage this reinvestment in the community, but has never made it a requirement of those breaks. So, without any penalty, they have funneled the wealth into the hands of as few people as possible. I would greatly prefer it if they would voluntarily circulate the wealth back into the economy, but after thirty years of waiting for it to happen, I think it is time to realize that the previous methods do not work.

(LM) Do you believe in Human Rights and Dignity, even for Gays or HIV positive individuals and couples?

(BK) Yes. To quote Ron Paul, I believe in legalizing freedom. For instance, unlike Scott Walker, I believe that people in a loving relationship should be able to visit and be with their loved ones in the hospital. (see There is no reason for Walker’s hateful stance; in fact, I believe we should secure the rights of loved ones to be with each other during such stressful times. I would never vote to deny a basic human right. I think that denying an injured or sick person access to the comfort of one they love is inhuman cruelty.

(LM) What are the Job requirement if he fail as governor so someone else can fill his shoes

(BK) Not sure what exactly the question is here, but technically, the job requirements for Governor are “be at least 30 years old, a US citizen for 20 years, and a Mississippi resident for five years before election.”

(LM) Where are the push cards???(small cards to help remember the candidates running)

(BK) Right now, there is a dispute as to who will actually appear on the ballot. A ‘perpetual candidate’ filed papers as the Reform Party candidate before the real state party filed our papers. This imposter filed to run as democrat and reform party under a few different positions, as well as filing for his family to run for some positions. So, when this is cleared up, we will be more active in promoting our campaign. The Secretary of State may be delaying push cards until this is resolved.

(LM) Would you support creating a State Bank of Mississippi?

(BK) I think following North Dakota’s model would be an interesting possibility. I believe that some of the standard practices in Banking are more harmful than helpful to our economy, such as high interest rates for low income families. A State owned bank may be a way to alleviate some issues within our state and stimulate our economy more directly. I would be interested in seeing some more detailed proposals before saying I would support a state owned bank. I do not believe that any out-of-state based bank should be responsible for our state’s money. We have locally owned banking institutions and credit unions that are more than capable of the task.

(LM) What can be done to make quality health care available to everyone. There are many people that cannot afford health insurance (or can't get it due to pre-existing conditions) but do not qualify for any kind of government assistance.

(BK) I believe that the Affordable Care Act is a step in the right direction. I would, however, like for Mississippi to get a waiver so that we can develop our own system that will meet the coverage requirements of the Act. One possibility that I am considering is a State Sponsored (not state run) Non Profit health insurance company and a similarly sponsored Non-Profit hospital system. This would require some planning and the input of Health Professionals like Medical billing specialists, Private Practice Doctors, Hospitalists and Nurses who are on the front lines every day. With friends and family in various medical related fields, I have some unique insight into some of the major problems facing the industry, but it will take more than one person’s ideas to be able to provide a real solution. I am ready, willing and able to take on solving our state’s issues in the Health Care field.

(LM) "are you a racist" ? Follow up..........prove it

(BK) I do not consider nor believe myself to be racist. I do not believe that words can prove the character of a person, so I can only hope that my actions will show that I am not a racist.

(LM) Do you believe in the equality of all this state's citizens? Then challenge the disparities (she is speaking to the differences in public services to neighborhoods).

(BK) Yes, I believe in the equality of all our state’s citizens. I would like to see utility, broadband and cell tower services to all of Mississippi. I will work to ensure that underserved areas can get affordable access to services.

(LM) What would you do differently than the current governor?

(BK) I would work to fully fund education first. I would re-evaluate current tax ‘deals’ to big businesses in the state. I would look at repealing and replacing his tax hike on hospital beds. I would focus on bringing prosperity to all Mississippians instead of focusing on my own political aspirations before anything else.

(LM) Would you extend to another company the same tax breaks given to Nissan?

(BK) I do not think that I would. I realize that bringing businesses to Mississippi is important, but according to Forbes, we already have a very attractive tax and (lack of) regulation environment. Blueprint Mississippi indicates that one of the biggest challenges for businesses seeking to locate in Mississippi is finding qualified employees. I believe that using the taxes from businesses to improve our education system to produce and retain well educated young people will do more to attract businesses than tax giveaways.

(LM) Will you serve effectively the diverse population that now resides in Mississippi? (Wiccans, gays, Muslims, Hispanics, etc….)

(BK) I will veto any bill that unjustly limits any liberty. I will work to do away with laws already in place that limit liberty. I have an idea of using public polls on the Governor’s web site to poll public opinion and get input from our diverse groups within the state. I would use PSAs to draw attention to the polls and to reveal results. I would make it easier to get any voice heard.

(LM) How do you earn the vote of the young Republican/Democrat who will not vote simply based on party affiliation?

(BK) I believe that Honesty and Fact Based, real solutions will earn votes. I believe a vote for anyone, besides whom you believe will do the best for the State, whether or not you think ‘they can win,’ is the only wasted vote, because you have silenced your own voice. The ‘spoiler’ vote myth is one reason I support Instant Runoff voting and will push to get that system in place.

(LM) What are Mississippi’s greatest short-term and long-term challenges and why?

(BK) Short Term, its Jobs, Budget and Education. Long term, its Good Paying jobs, a sustainable tax code and Education. We need to prepare more of our youth for good paying jobs and provide graduates with opportunities in Mississippi, so they have more incentive to stay.

(LM) What are Mississippi’s greatest strengths that will turn challenges into opportunities?

(BK) Our greatest strength is our people, who always turn challenges into opportunities. We have the ingenuity and the natural resources to create prosperity. The real challenge is to define some problems our nation will face in the future and create or build the solutions here in Mississippi. We have potential for Biomass Crude, Solar and perhaps Wind Power generation and many other sustainable businesses.

Hudson Holiday (Response was edited to remove my name from the response)

Dear Xxx, Below are some answers to your questions:
1. Concerning the gambling money. Politicians have used education as the “whipping boy” to get whatever they wanted passed. I remember when “if they could legalize liquer on the coast, it would solve all the problems you eluded to. Some of the tax money that comes from gaming goes into the county coffers of the Home Counties, and while it has produced jobs, it has also taken money from Mississippi, hourly, and sent it out of state to the home offices of the casinos. I am not a part of state government so maybe you need to ask the Lt. Governor, where it has all gone. I am sure to some of his friends and large contributors. Why do you think he has all the money for the campaign?
2. You bet I believe in human dignity. I have a close relative and a close friend that probably gay but they are my good friends and I don’t even ever think about it. It is a non issue to me. I was raised to believe that I was no better than anyone else, but that no one was any better than I am. My heart goes out to anyone that is sick or addicted, regardless of the cause.
3. Job requirement. The governor must be a LEADER. He must have the ability to get people from diverse backgrounds and with different goals and ideals to work together to build a better Mississippi. A business background could be an asset, but it is not pre-requsite, nor is experience in government. Some of our greatest leaders have had neither, and some of our worse leaders have been very successful business people or had prior experience in government. A governor must have people skills and a vision of what needs to be done to improve the lives of “all “ Mississippians.
4. Push Cards, I have push cards and as far as I know, all the other candidates do also.
5. Would I support creating a State Bank of Mississippi? NO
6. Quality health Care for all? I do not support socialized medicine because in the end, we will have poorer health care for all. There are a wide range of factors that contribute to the quality of health care and all of these factors contribute to the cost. From lawsuits and the resulting mal-practice insurance for doctors, from people that would rather spend their money on something else they want or rather than to have health insurance , to those that when they need to see the doctor for a minor health issue, don’t go to his office, but rather waits until after closing and then takes their runny nose to the emergency room, to people that have made poor choices all their lives, and now thinks that the “government” owes them all their health care needs. All of this has contributed to the high cost of health care in this country, hurting all of us, especially those that cannot get coverage because of a pre-existing conditions. Now all that being said, the insurance companies need reining in also. I you have insurance and go to the hospital, the insurance company is only going to pay the hospital and the hospital is going to accept as full payment about $.35 on the dollar. If you go as a private pay, the hospital is going to charge you the full amount and expect you to pay. As governor, I want everyone to have access to good health care. As a county supervisor in Pearl River County, I worked to get our small county owned hospital converted into a “critical access” hospital and now we have a 24 hour a day emergency room and the hospital is providing excellent care to the residents of this community. The hospital is making money and people are receiving good health care.
7. Am I a racist? That’s a good question. As a white male growing up in 60’s, there was a time when I was not as sensitive about race as I am now but I don’t think I was ever a racist. I never mistreated anyone, but I did not speak up as I probably should have. As I have grown older, I have become much more sensitive to the injustices to everyone, not just people of a different color, but also to the injustice perpetrated on the poor as well. When I was in the National Guard I had the unfortunate duty of burying a young black soldier that had been killed in Iraq. As I sat there during that funeral, from the front row, in front of the casket, I did not see a black man, I saw an American, a Mississippian, a fellow soldier, a Patriot that had died for our country. Any racism that still lingered in my heart was evaporated that day. As a candidate for governor, I tell everyone, black and white, that it is time for ALL OF US to move forward, not just some of us. I have reached out to the black community and the black leadership with my message but, unfortunately, many still put their faith and allegiance into a political party rather than into a real friend that that truly wants to be governor that will help all the people .
8. Do I believe in equality of all the state’s citizens? My goal is to move this state off the bottom, I cannot do that unless I move everyone off the bottom. I believe it was George Washington Carver that said, “ to keep a man down, you have to stay down with him” He was exactly right. There is a perception that Mississippi is not a good place to live or to bring your business. We must change this image or perception is we are ever to achieve our potential. This image has to be real and we will never change it as long as there are poor people living in shacks without running water or bathroom facilities. The current governor is more concerned with his fat cat friends than he is the working people of this state. He lived in Washington too long and his arrogance shows.
9. Will I serve the diverse population? As I go around the campaign trail, I run into people that are here from other states, especially at the festivals. I give out a tube of lip balm, that is inscribed, “ If you are really chapped, vote for Hudson Holliday for Governor”. When people tell me they cannot vote for me because they live out of state, I give them the lip balm anyway and state, “You are an American, and fellow human being, so keep the chap stick. Enjoy your stay in Mississippi” If you want the best for this state, our children and grandchildren, then I be the best friend you can have. If you don’t want what is best for all of us, then you won’t like me
10. Young voters not voting on party lines? I hope they don’t vote party lines. While I am running as a Republican, I have never been a big party person. I like to vote for the person that I believe will provide the best leadership or do the best job in representing my interests. I would hope they would look at qualifications. I am the only one running that has been successful in business, military and government service. I started over 10 different businesses, creating jobs and providing needed services in my community, I am a retired two star general from the Mississippi Army National Guard, and I was elected Supervisor in Pearl River County four years ago. (the supervisor’s job is where the “rubber meets the road” in government)
11. Mississippi’s greatest short and long term challenges? Short term is how we get out of this recession ASAP. The answer is we must “grow our way out” and how do we grow our way out? By changing our image to what the real Mississippi is.( which is our long term strategy) Yes we have some problems, but so does every other state. Mississippi is a great place to live, full of great people and abundant natural resources. I believe, by including everyone in this state, I can change our image in the nation. If we change our image, this state will explode in growth and opportunity, which will lead us out of the tough economic times we are in right now.
12. Mississippi’s strength’s. As stated above, Mississippi has a lot going for it. Our people, our natural resources, our institutions, (colleges, universities, community colleges, hospitals, etc) We just have to change our image to be able to exploit all the strengths we have.

I hope these short answers will provide you with a view of who Hudson Holliday really is, that I am a genuine person that has only the best intentions and want only to lead this state into a more prosperous era. What greater legacy could a person leave behind, than to be the man that moved Mississippi off the bottom, and improved the lives of all Mississippians, regardless of who they are or where they live.


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