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Blessings Every Hour

I share this late night update for when anything good happens in my life I share it with everyone. Today I recieved a blessings. A tree that should have been cut by the people who purchased our timber on the low low fell today. My home was spared.

With money being what it has been for me lately, I had wondered last weekend how I would be able to afford having the tree re

moved. I knew if we had another month as we did in April the tree would have to fall (logic).

During today's mild storm the tree did fall but it did not hit my home. Blessings!!!!

I did not have to pay someone $4K to remove it. Double blessing. My son and I shall take the chainsaw to it for the less than the cost of a tank of gas.

I had to share the good news. I shall rant and rave in the morning about Clarence Thomas and his wife subversion of American liberties for private gain. Tonight, I shall sleep wrapped in the glow of blessings.

Love, light, and joy to everyone.


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