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Doing Right Lasts Forever

Mississippi is taking steps, slow steps,but steps towards righting the wrongs of the past. Today I attended the dedication ceremony of the FBI building in Jackson to the three young men who were killed, for getting people registered to vote. It is nice that we have a building for these men. Now we need to get people out to vote. We need to appreciate they died trying to help us exercise our rights as citizens to have a voice in the government of our country. It is sad that we ( all of us not just Blacks) do not vote with the appreciation of the right.


  1. As I experienced yesterday, voter registration suppression is still around, just in a more official and non-violent way.

    Loved your last sentence; our like-minded peers should pay more attention to the fact that their right to vote was paid for by people who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice - both overseas and here within our shores.


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