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Follow the money or

Connect the dots. If we put all the news stories together we come up with a dark corporate control of the population. I am writing from my phone so no links but feel free to search out my logic.

Most of our food comes from corporate owned farms.

Even illegals get paid more than minimum wage as farm laborers.

There is a huge push in states that either process or produce our foods to stop illegal immigration.

There is a huge push in these same states to deport these people.

Investing in private prisons is the in thing to do for a secure financial future.

Even if you were incarcerated for a none violent crime you have an extended parole after your release.

Any violation of parole sends you back to lock-up.

After Georgia created harsh immigration legislation, many immigrants left the state.

Millions of dollars of crops are rotting in Georgia's fields. Turns out harvesting food is not one of the jobs Americans want.

How soon will it be before prison labor is used to harvest/process food? They will not be paid minimum wage to do the job. How soon before we have more laws designed to fill-up prisons?

Maybe I am going far out but I think the limb I am on will hold my weight. Think about all you read. If you do not read start readi

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