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Smith County Melons

This morning a FB mentioned something about watermelon. I immediately thought of my grandmother's love for Smith County Melons. When I got my driver license at 15, I had no idea I would be her access to Smith County Melons. She would have me go to her friends homes to get melons. It was just something about the soil.

As a child I would wonder what was the purpose of growing our own melons if I had to drive over an hour away to get Smith County Melons. I still wonder why Mississippians do some of the things they do today. I can still feel the heat on my back as I worked the clay to grow watermelons. I can still feel the heartbreak of what drought can do to a melon patch. Pardon me I became lost in memories. What I learned from my childhood is grow what works for your land and drive the hour to Smith County to buy your watermelons. Your back will thank you.

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