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Republicans' 3rd World Response to Missouri

I am worse than Palin when it comes to spelling so pardon any errors. I am sitting at a coffee shop typing this posting to my blog. Adele's CD is playing in the background. It is in this environment that I create a more in-depth coherent reply to a FB buddy's posting of The Daily Show's take on the Republican response to disaster relief.

What a bunch of jerks. The very nation they are so quick to say is the best in the world is the same nation they attempt to poor-mouth to the inhabitants. How can we lead the world if we can not care for our people when a disaster occurs? I am not running to the government when I have a disastrous night at the tables. However when an event beyond the control of me, my family, & my friends occurs; I do look for the government to assist. The faster we can help these people get back to some form of normal the better it is for us all.

Yet there is some sadist & masochist garment in my closet that speaks to my heart of the pleasure the Republicans are getting from seeing Americans in distress and pain. The glee that plays across the face of Cantor as he breaks down the bottom line to the people of Missouri is akin to that of a young boy with a magnifying glass & an ant hill. It seems from my simple and trusting thugs to be thugs view that there is a concentrated effort to keep people in pain rather it is from natural disasters or from telling employers to stop filling jobs openings. We may not like Koch politics but Koch employs many people.

Something is amiss in our nation. We have corporations attempting to dictate the will of the people. The last time that happened there was a party in Boston by people who had become tired of seeing their rights usurped by corporations. I smell something in the winds and it is not tea. This time we are getting something with more kick, coffee. The coffee is not going into the water but being used to fuel the bodies of those willing to put in the time to regain the rights of Americans. It is senseless that we a 1st world nation have a 3rd world response to disasters. It is time for us to get Congress to stop lying to us about why they are really sitting at the feet of corporations. We need to remind Congress of who actually votes.

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