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Mother mother mother why are your children crying

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The article in the title link is in regards to children left alone for 24 hours. People on FB had the parent tried and convicted. I asked the people to hold judgement.

I thought of the 2 hour trips I have taken for interviews for jobs that did not work out. (Full disclosure: I am not willing to accept a wage that will force my child to live in a crime ridden depressed area). I am not willing to judge the parents until full details emerge on the story. I am not sure what they are having to do to feed their children. I do not know why they do not have family or even friend support. At this time I have empathy with what the children must be feeling at this time.

I am reminded of how during the Great Depression many families fell apart when the adults were forced to go farther and farther away to find work. ( My grandmother's favorite threat to me as a child was a return to the Great Depression) When they did find work it was often at a great cut in wage.

Our country is not too far away from a depression. Things were not as bad because of the New Deal programs in place. However there are some in society who wish to see those programs eliminated. They feel that those programs keep people from working the Wal-mart\McDonald's combo required to put bread on the table. It is a shame that some of those who are not suffering at this time are so callous. It is a shame they call themselves Christians. It is a shame that well fed politicians
continue to eat $300 dinners while discussing how to increase corporate bottoms lines at the expense of people who would rather work.

I write this short post just remind people that we need to take a stand for what is right. I am the first to say how blessed I am. Although tomorrow I face leaving my child home alone as I trek to the other side of the state for an interview for a position that pays less than my normal rate of pay. It is out of my blessings that I still find ways to give to help others. It is out of my blessings that I am active in calling on elected officials to do the right thing to get people in America back to work. Tax cuts and shoving money to big corporations have proven to not be the answers to our problems. It is time we get our elected officials to focus more on us and less on the political game. The links below are in regard to poverty in America. This is not our first rodeo so I know we will make it through this time. Peace and hold judgement until the full story is made known.



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