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X-Men Spolier Do Not Read

I am taking the time to write my thoughts on the X-Men movie before making the hour trek home. My son and I saw the movie. We enjoyed the movie but was thrown off by the time line in the movie. Yes, I know there are things happening in my country that deserve my ranting but I am a real lover of comics and of X Men. The movie overall is worth the price of admission but there were a few things that got to me as a movie and as a X-Men lover.

Mystic was and Prof. X were the same age. Who do the producers of this movie think are coming to see it? I am an older fan and long time reader of Marvel Comics. I am sharing my love for X Men with my son. My son has been well versed in Marvel history. I resented the liberties taken in this movies.
How can Nightcrawler who is at least 100 years of age be the child of a child of the 1940's?
I thought we had advanced beyond the "Crispus Attucks" character in movies. I was disappointed to see that "Darwin" ,the black guy, who could evolve to survive his environment was the first mutant to die. I sat in my seat thinking WTH, not again.
I also had to wonder why with all of the money the X-Men series has made why Mystic's costume was so freaking lame. Her costume looked to be a freaking rubber suit. The first two installments were flawless. I thought she was a sleestak.
This movie had the most previews ever. Hollywood showcase its storehouse of upcoming movies for the next two years.

Whew!!! That rant felt good. Overall I enjoyed the movie. I did not leave the theater asking for my money. The movie did hold a few lessons as did the Marvel Comics. I did laugh at the line" Women do not belong in the CIA". I was reminded that the movie was set in 1960's America. I am so glad America has progressed beyond the 1960's. I write progress not evolved for we have too much hate of the unknown or different to have evolved. Ok, if I have not spoiled the movie for you, go see it. It is still worth the money. I am still a Marvel Fan. Also, if you go to you can get a free small popcorn if you like YahooMovies on Facebook.


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