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I Need 24/7 News Coverage of My Grass Growing

I am up writing early this morning. My 18 year old ships out today for BASIC. I am looking for the news crews to be outside my home when I return. I am waiting for the24/7 coverage of a woman who has not killed her children, has provided support for them in whatever they have decided to do that is positive, and has only two grey hairs in the process. Recently there has been a petition floating around on FB demanding our news organizations to stop covering Sarah Palin. I suggest taking the petition one step further; petition to get news reporting agencies to start reporting news.

We can not get anything today in America that smells of news unless it is regarding a tweet from a celebrity ( It is sad when reporting is coming from FB and Twitter. What the heck are the Mass Communication majors doing with their degrees? I get more investigative reporting from my FB buddies who are computer geeks. It is a sad freaking day when electrical and computer engineers are spending more time reporting facts on Twitter and FB than being creative in their fields of study.

CNN sent to me over 40 tweets in 24 hours on the Casey Anthony trial in FL. They even described what was being eaten during the lunch break. Who the hell cares? I know journalism change after the OJ trial. However, if that trial had not been covered 24/7 many Blacks would have kept their initial thought of OJ being guilty as hell. It was not until the "investigative" jounalism into the LAPD came that some blacks started to change their initial opinion. We do not need 24/7 coverage of court cases on CNN. There is a cable station for court cases. We need actual news that we can use.

I admit that Sarah Palin's possible run for president in 2012 could be news given her following. However, her position on some things in America means she has a snowball's chance in hell of being president ( I do not think reporting of her errors in spelling are news worthy. Although I do find it appalling that she is not more aware of American history, I do not think her retooling of a midnight ride warrants constant news coverage. News would be her placing crosshairs over the homes of her opponents, supporting racial profiling via the AZ Immigration Law, etc....( I just do not need to know everything Sarah unless she is coming to Mississippi to work side by side with our recovery from recent disasters. She is just not news that I can use.

We need responsible journalism to return to America. We need stories that inform not incite. I am an opinions writer/blogger. It would be disheartening to me if I became a source of news and not opinion. We need facts that will help us to uplift ourselves. We do not need facts that keep us in a constant state of depression while building up blind anger. There are journalist out there who are trying to bring to us real news. I give thanks to them for their efforts. I make it a point to watch them on the television. Maybe this petition will get us more news and less views designed to incite blind anger and hatred.



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