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Liberal takeover of the media

We have heard little in the last 20 years but "liberal" media. However, the information given to people in America only serves to either dumb down or to promote corporate agendas. It is time for real liberals to create liberal media.

CNN has spent more time tweeting about court cases than debt ceiling or social security cuts combined. What gives?

I an seeking to be informed in such a manner that I am free to make a choice. I would rather come to love big oil on my own than to have op-ed saying I would be stupid not to love big oil.

What is do horrible about the liberal message that makes it hard to get advertising dollars? As a liberal I do not care about your consensual bedroom activities. I refuse to poison the water and then insist you pay the doctor after the water makes you ill. I understand that if you do not have a livable wage then you can not buy my cheap products which means I make no money. What is so bad about being a liberal?

We need liberal media. We need people who do not fear a thinking population to takeover the media.

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  1. I've come to learn that the meaning of true liberal media is one that intends to inform the public at large without prejudice to political leanings; one that does not conform to an ideology of any flavor.

    This is the kind of platform feared and loathed by tyrants.

    Would we, as a society, not benefit from a revival of the Fairness Doctrine? I certainly think we would.


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