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Sex still on my mind

This morning I awaken early to do my morning workout with my son. My talks with my son turned to sex. He spoke his views and I corrected his views. I could tell that he was having in-depth sex conversations with other 13 year olds. My morning sex talk continued with an offline buddy. She and I discussed grown men with the minds of 13 year olds. We of course where discussing the latest hot topic that has gotten Americans to not focus on what is important to the nation. It was impossible to speak of Wiener without mentioning Vitter and Bishop Eddie Long. When thoughts turn to Vitter and to Bishop Eddie Long, Wiener seems downright tame.

My goal is not to forgive or to convict Wiener of any wrongdoing. I am asking that America put his preference for online sex into proper perspective. Wiener’s sexual behavior is of his wife’s concern. Wiener at no time has been shown to misuse his office as a congressman. Vitter’s love of whorehouses also boiled down to something between his wife and himself. I do have questions as to if Vitter has used his office to enrich his bank accounts at the expense of the people he represents. When it comes to being outrage over sex we, as a nation, should be outrage that yet another religious figure is a predator of young children. Where is the outrage over Bishop Eddie Long’s behavior?

Anthony Wiener has proven time after time to use his position as a means to help all Americans. He has been a tireless worker to maintain our unalienable rights as Americans. Bishop Eddie Long cultivated young boys to become his sex partners when the reach consenting age in GA. Bishop Eddie Long’s story is the one that should be running day and night. He has actually harmed not just those young men, not just the members of his church, but all of Americans. He used his position of power for his own personal gratification. Yet we are mum on Bishop Eddie Long. Senator Vitter, who broke the law when he paid for sex( not arrested for it either) is still in D.C. He is still serving the needs of the corporations who have paid for him well. However, we say nothing of him voting against the people of Louisiana best interests in favor of corporations. We would rather discuss a man, Wiener is a man, who is using the internet to do something that is not illegal (ethics aside) and something that is the reason the internet came into power so rapidly. The Silent Children: A Book for Parents About the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

We need to let go of sex scandals that really do not affect our personal bottom line. If Wiener was a bible-thumping representative, I could see where his actions would be newsworthy. He is a man and never claimed to be anything more than a man. We do need to pay attention to the sex scandals of public figures that show them to be child predators. Cultivating a child for sex once he or she reaches the age of consent is an issue that affects not only the families involved but also America as a whole. The first step to our sex problem is we need to admit that sex is natural. We need to accept the many faces of sex. Sex with someone who cannot consent (i.e. a child) is not a face of sex to be accepted. We currently are still holding on to our Puritan past that is not working for us in the present. The more we are able to be open about enjoying sex as a culture the more we will be able to enjoy it in a responsible manner. The better protected our children will be from those who wish to use sex as a weapon to arrest their development into positive, healthy, happy, loving, and well adjusted adults.

Links: (Vitter not serving the people in Louisiana)


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