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Deadly Lying

Lying is the topic of my blog post for today. I lie, have lied, and may lie again. Lying is not something I wake-up planning to do. However in all of my lying (age, height, weight, and where I was the night before) I have not told any lies that would cause another to die or to face financial or physical harm. When I look at the recent lie of Anthony Weiner I am sadden and angry that he became a victim of his own press clippings. However, his lie means nothing in the grand scheme of America and is not worth the press time. The lie we need to investigate is the lie Bush told to involve us in war and the financial devastation we now face..

The execution of Bin Laden in Pakistan is the first clue that something was/is wrong with our war on terror. I am in the camp that Bin Laden was not hard to find. There was no need for us to become involved in wars in either Afghanistan or Iraq. Why did we not freeze his assets (which were well hidden in gold) and the assets of his family? Should we not have suspected something when he converted his wealth to gold? He was on the terror list or did someone not read the memo? Surely he would have been captured before 2011 had we done so. Instead we were fed a yellow cake of fear covered with a racist icing. We swallowed the entire cake and icing and refuse to acknowledge the lie that it was and is. We have allowed Bush and crew to continue to operate without fear of retribution for the harm they have brought to America.

Because of the lies of Bush and crew we are a divided nation and we are now voting against our own best interests because of fear. There are some in this nation who refuse to see the wrong of TARP but will argue about the bailout of the auto industry. Their minds refuse to accept they were lied to by Bush and crew. The banks have yet to put more money back into circulation. The auto industry has put money back into circulation via the jobs created and the jobs restored. Truth hurts so much that John Boehner has spoken against the gains in the American auto industry.

When truth stares some people in the face they become blind. When truth slips from the lips of some people they pray to become mute or for those who heard the truth to become mute. Newt Gingrich told a truth several weeks ago that is still dogging him to this day in the GOP. He spoke ill of the Ryan budget. The GOP damned him to heck(he may be the only real candidate they have) for speaking such a truth to the MSM. How dare Newt unplug from the GOP matrix. I wait for a member of the GOP to speak a truth in regards to the Bush 2001 tax cuts. I look forward to the day a member of the GOP takes a stand to say, “ The tax cuts did not work and therefore must be ended, immediately.” Maybe I am lying to myself to wait for such a day. Then again we all have some lie in which we believe.

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