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Sometimes it is good to be wrong

I shall make this post one of my short ones. I have made no secret of my doubts about Libya being the hotbed of unrest that is being reported in MSM. This morning as I was writing my blog about sleazy men, I found the story in the title link. The U.S. is "pressuring" other African nations to denounce Gadhafi. If you are not aware, the African continent still supplies natural resources used in many First World nations. There is a reason we did not send in drones to the Congo or to Syria. I am disappointed that President Obama would allow our country to be involved in something so vile. Gadhafi's crime is the same as Saddam's and Hugo Chavez. He has been trying to unify African countries to take control over the natural resources(nationalization). China is not investing heavily in Africa for no reason.
Please check out the links.

I have said from the start there is something funny about the "rebels" in Libya. There is something strange about there being no rumblings before the fighting took place. when you search the web as much as I do you hear rumblings before anything starts. We knew weeks in advance that Syria was about to explode. Someone saw what appeared to be unrest in the Near East and forgot Libya is an African nation. These rebels were not peaceful protesters but armed tooth and nail. People from all over the world go to Libya for work. Pop and Rock stars have performed their shows in Libya without changing the format of the show. People we need to stop drinking the MSM kool-aid. Something is wrong without our involvement in Libya. In my heart of hearts I see our involvement in Libya as nothing more than an attempt to keep African nations indebted to the West. Africans would much rather get fair pricing for their natural resources than to get "food aid" from the West.

Western nations may not wish to address the ills of slavery that decimated the African continent so long ago but to continue to oppress the people of African is unforgivable. We need to stop creating conflict in Africa. We need to encourage the leaders to be less debase and self-serving. If all of Africa nationalize all natural resources( oil, diamonds, gold, etc....) they would have enough money to build the world's finest infrastructure and system of education. If all of Africa's natural resources were nationalize it would mean that we in the West would have to start paying more for the things we enjoy everyday. It is a small price to pay to see people living free.



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