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Top Kill nets more anger in the Gulf

Ok, the “top kill” procedure did not work. I am saddened by the news. I continue to think of those whose livelihoods will be affected by the spill. I also think of the wildlife and what this means for the Mighty Mississippi. I am concerned about my state of Mississippi. We depend on tourism to bring in the much-needed revenue to support our economy. Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida all have higher tax revenue than the state of Mississippi. BP has made no tax revenue dollars to Mississippi for the rig’s operation yet my fellow citizens are about to be without jobs because of this oil spill. Our water quality will further deteriorate quite possible to the point of not being potable. Worse yet my personal fishing is about to be affected.

It is bad taste to make the oil spill about me yet I must ask, BP how do you plan to make things right with me? I am very irate that you had no disaster plan; it seems you did not do any modeling of the procedure prior to using the procedure for …

The Sestak Scandal

Sestak Scandal – Growing Scandal?????

In my plain speech I askWTF(What the fig?)? Congress is seeking a special prosecutor to investigate if Obama offereda job to Sestak? Is Sestak now Obama’s Lewinsky such as the oil spill has become Obama’s Katrina? I am sure we Americans are too smart to fall for the scam twice. Remember, out of the Lewinsky affair we got George Bush who promised to restore dignity to the White House and a cheap pornographic novel (The Starr Report).

I have but a few questions to ask in this matter:
• Does it really matter?
• Does it really matter so much we need to waste money and time on it?
• Have not every administration made such deals?
• Is that not why people work on political campaigns and political ties?
• Are not those in Congress courted daily (lobbyist) in exchange for contracts and bill introduction \repeals?
• Just because Sean Hannity says, it is a scandal, a growing scandal, does that make it a scandal.
• Does the Sestak Scandal trump the oil spill in …

Oil Spill Superman

I ask in all sincerity, why do the Americans polled recently about the oil spill (Obama’s Katrina) expect the President to fix the spill? Do they expect him to be Superman? Although he was able to leap the tall mountains of racial strife in this country, withstand the bullets against his citizenry, and out run the pasts of some of his associates he is not Superman. His background is in non-profits and constitutional law. He does not have a degree in petroleum engineering. I doubt very seriously if he can put a plug into the well when the high-powered hydraulic equipment has been unable to do so.

In my view, the federal government, without nationalizing BP, can only do the following about this oil spill:
• Hold BP accountable for the full amount of the costs of the spill.
• Repeal any rights to offshore drilling that are close to land, such as was this rig.
• Provide financial assistance to those businesses affected by spill in the form of tax credits.
• Fire those in the federal age…