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Top Kill nets more anger in the Gulf

Ok, the “top kill” procedure did not work. I am saddened by the news. I continue to think of those whose livelihoods will be affected by the spill. I also think of the wildlife and what this means for the Mighty Mississippi. I am concerned about my state of Mississippi. We depend on tourism to bring in the much-needed revenue to support our economy. Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida all have higher tax revenue than the state of Mississippi. BP has made no tax revenue dollars to Mississippi for the rig’s operation yet my fellow citizens are about to be without jobs because of this oil spill. Our water quality will further deteriorate quite possible to the point of not being potable. Worse yet my personal fishing is about to be affected.

It is bad taste to make the oil spill about me yet I must ask, BP how do you plan to make things right with me? I am very irate that you had no disaster plan; it seems you did not do any modeling of the procedure prior to using the procedure for the first time 50 miles from shore, and you continue to add pollutants to the water. I need you to tell me how you will make this spill right with me.

I have a few suggestions should you not have a plan to make things right with me:
• Enlist the aid of your competitors’ engineers to stop this flow now!
• Listen to the people on the ground some of them actually have petroleum experience.
• Know you will have to pay more than 75 million to clean-up this spill. The OPA 1990 only works for companies that have a plan in place.
• Having to have the government to make you responsible makes as much sense as my going to DHS to get my son’s father to pay child support.
• Stop adding additional pollutants to the water now.
• Hire crews to start the reconstruction of the habitat of the coastline’s wildlife now.
• Start paying the companies that are facing closure for their losses
• In regards to tourism revenue, pay industry companies the difference between this quarter’s revenue and the revenue after Katrina plus the previous year’s quarter. The equation is something like this one (( KQTR +2009QTR) – 2010QTR).
I have not had my morning coffee so my list is short. We have not forgotten the Exxon experience or the fact that in 2008 BP and other oil companies had record revenues during the herald of a recession. BP you need to make this spill right with me. I am missing great fishing close to home.


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