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Oil Spill Superman

I ask in all sincerity, why do the Americans polled recently about the oil spill (Obama’s Katrina) expect the President to fix the spill? Do they expect him to be Superman? Although he was able to leap the tall mountains of racial strife in this country, withstand the bullets against his citizenry, and out run the pasts of some of his associates he is not Superman. His background is in non-profits and constitutional law. He does not have a degree in petroleum engineering. I doubt very seriously if he can put a plug into the well when the high-powered hydraulic equipment has been unable to do so.

In my view, the federal government, without nationalizing BP, can only do the following about this oil spill:
• Hold BP accountable for the full amount of the costs of the spill.
• Repeal any rights to offshore drilling that are close to land, such as was this rig.
• Provide financial assistance to those businesses affected by spill in the form of tax credits.
• Fire those in the federal agency who failed to follow through on procedures designed to catch and prevent such an incident.

To date this spill has not forced anyone to sleep in a tent because his/her home has been destroyed. This spill while an environmental disaster to our southern coastline has not affected the main supply of food for the people in the area, they are still eating chicken, beef, pork and vegetables. Katrina left us with no food fit to eat, dead animal carcasses that had to be burned, dead people, no homes, no utilities, and an economy in shreds due to the destruction of raw materials and physical buildings; this spill is not Katrina. It is heartless and extremely disingenuous for it to be labeled as such.

While the”liberal” media is busy attempting to tar Obama with this oil spill I ask people to ask questions such as:
• Why does Louisiana, the state that received the tax revenue from this rig, not have a plan for such an event?
• Where is the state of Louisiana’s office that oversees drilling?
• Why is the federal government expected to clean up an oil spill caused by a private business but not expected to clean up the healthcare situation in America?
• Where are the “Drill baby Drill” people?
• Is this the reason Florida does not allow offshore drilling in its costal waters?

I am a tree hugging, wetland loving, non-seafood eating, clean air liberal who can be found frequently in the areas affected. I do not blame Obama for the oil spill nor do I find fault with his reaction time to the spill. I do blame Obama for recently caving in to the minority “powers that be” to allow additional offshore drilling. No matter how the “liberal media” spins the oil spill the President is not superman.


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