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The Sestak Scandal

Sestak Scandal – Growing Scandal?????

In my plain speech I askWTF(What the fig?)? Congress is seeking a special prosecutor to investigate if Obama offereda job to Sestak? Is Sestak now Obama’s Lewinsky such as the oil spill has become Obama’s Katrina? I am sure we Americans are too smart to fall for the scam twice. Remember, out of the Lewinsky affair we got George Bush who promised to restore dignity to the White House and a cheap pornographic novel (The Starr Report).

I have but a few questions to ask in this matter:
• Does it really matter?
• Does it really matter so much we need to waste money and time on it?
• Have not every administration made such deals?
• Is that not why people work on political campaigns and political ties?
• Are not those in Congress courted daily (lobbyist) in exchange for contracts and bill introduction \repeals?
• Just because Sean Hannity says, it is a scandal, a growing scandal, does that make it a scandal.
• Does the Sestak Scandal trump the oil spill in needing the attention of the president?
• What is the real purpose of attempting to discredit the Obama administration within its first 24 months?
• Where was Michelle Malkin, author of Culture of Corruption, during the Bush years?

This scandal smacks of a smear campaign by the “liberal media” in an effort to affect the November elections. Sestak actually has more qualifications for Secretary of the Navy than say Brown had for the FEMA position he had during the Bush years. There seems to be a campaign to change the status quo in Washington to one that reflects a bygone “liberal” era that does not support progression of growth in this country. In fact there was a small call to arms by one of the commentators on this “liberal” show I was watching for Americans to force Congress to hire a special prosecutor. The host of the show longed for the days of balance budget, fiscal responsibility and a military (defense) buildup we had during the Regan years.

I know Americans long to return to the Regan years. Those years when oil was king and greed was cultivated in our youth are greatly missed. The nostalgia almost created in me a need to break out in a rendition of I wish I was in Dixie. I say we must look away, look away, look away from Washington where the people isolated from the recession make decisions on our lives based on their ivory tower hypothetical notations.


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