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Rep Issa wants your info

Rep Darrell Issa would like to have information on everyone who has filed a request based on the Freedom of Information Act. I had not thought to file such a request for I wish to fill my blog with hubris like Rush Limbaugh does the airwaves. However, all things being me I now feel compelled to file a request for information.

I shall also send to Rep Issa my personal information and a link to my blog. I shall also invite him to come visit me at my home in the backwoods. His visit may help me get highspeed access to the Internet. ( yes I am self-serving).

I encourage all who read my blog to send your information to Rep Issa. Save the government the cost of searching for you. Give it to him. I refuse to live in fear of a throw back to McCarthyism from Rep Issa. I am an American. I am free to speak my mind. That is why we have sent our children off to die in an unnecessary war in Iraq. Freedom. If Rep Issa sleeps better at night having my personal information then let him. If he is so …

Worldwide people revolution

The basis of my blog is that I am a mad woman from Mississippi. Given that is my basis please do not allow this post to shock you. I am writing from a view of complete and disgust filled anger. My anger stems from the reactions in America to the revolution in Egypt from the Left and the Right political groups.

I am so completely amazed that we in America continue to tout our superiority over the rest of the world when we know nothing about the people around the world. Pull any Egyptian or Iraqi off the street and he/she can tell you more about the American people than we can about either Egypt or Iraq. It is sad that we as Americans have continued to support despot leaders around the world out of fear that our country would fall if we actually supported the people of those countries. Yesterday, I watched U.S. leader after leader evade giving full support to the Egyptian people. I watched the television thinking WTL??!!!??? Sen. John McCain came out with a massive load of BS a…

Learning from our elders

This morning I had the opportunity to listen to Ed Asner on FreeSpeech TV. It is my hope to be able to take my son to see his one man show on FDR. Mr. Asner has been an outspoken social activist for years. Until I was much older I just thought he was an actor. As an adult I came to appreciate his outspokenness.

His talking points this morning were on the current state of the Democratic party and how compelled are still being allowed to have offshore tax havens. Listening to Mr. Asner I was filled with shame at what we have allowed to become of his political activist legacy. It is a shame that my generation has forced him to continue being an active activist. We became to focused on making money and McMansions rather than progressing beyond the comforts afforded to us by his generation's hard work. Mr. Asner spoke of how progressive Democrats refuse to attack in favor of making compromising. He spoke how we refuse to come together to protest the poverty and other ill conditi…

Still not getting it.....

Because I am open to learning I converse with those who may not think as do I. I tend to learn much by keeping an open mind. Today I have been very busy taken care of sick child, parents, and computer systems. It is such a coincidence that Senator Vitter sent to me an email calling for the repeal of the HCR. His claim that the SOTU was meet with a muted response leads me to understand he is not working with me. First we need HCR even if it did nothing but protect us from private insurers. ( Secondly the recent SOTU has motivated sleeping progressives into action.
Read the letter below to form your own opinions.

I must return to nurse duties. I shall update MT training late late.

Thanks for following.

Dear Friend,

The reaction to the State of the Union speech last night was the most muted I've ever seen. I think it's because folks know that bipartisan symbols and pretty speeches are nice, but what really matters t…

MT Day 20

I feel sexy. Yes it is the new bra. I can actually see my real waistline. It is so sexy. I live me some me. I have a full day of driving ahead of me so I am taking the time now to write. I shall do my workout later tonight.

I am happy to report that I can sit and stand for longer periods of time without swelling. A light workout each day and watching what I eat makes a world of difference. Adding the weights to my workout and also doing physical farm labor has also helped. I am blessed.

The fact that I am still training despite negative comments is a major accomplishment. I have not become depressed and stopped. I am thankful. I also take time for myself without guilt. I have told those in my life how to get in where they can fit in.

Blessings. Feel free to share your story.
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Africa why? Why I ask

This violence coming out of Africa is disturbing and hopeful. It is discouraging for the same stuff that forced my great-great grandmother to be sold into bondage by her father 160 years ago is still going on today. However the recent violence that has arose as the African governments attempt to quiet the people, gives hope. The people are not being quiet even in the face of death. They are demanding freedom. They demand freedom not just from HNICs chieftains but from Western corporations that take natural resources without lifting up the people in the process. They people are tired of living in poverty while natural wealth is being stripped from their lands.

We in the United States should not condemn the people in Egypt who have had the same "president" for 30 years. How can we call Egypt a democracy when the same ruler that came to power when my octogenarian butt was in grade school is still in power? Zimbabwe wake up. Maybe because I am an American I become leery of an…

MT Day 19

Life has been very busy for me lately. The challenge has been to not revert to old habits. The good is I maintain every day thus far with the physical exercise. I am doing somewhat better with my actual food intake. I am not where I desire to be but getting closer.

I am able to maintain positive thoughts although I blog about current and political events. My family continues to be my greatest source of stress. As I work to get a new business of the ground. I continue to seek financing to get my house ready for habitation. Moving into my own home will reduce much of my environmental stress( my family).

One big piece of news that has made a huge difference in my life is a new bra. Confession session alert. I have been buying bras based on a measurement I got many years ago after the birth of my 13 year old. Reviewing some of the videos I have posted I had to ask myself, WTL!?!?? I noticed my midsection appeared larger than what I saw in the mirror. The problem turned out to be my ma…

Rising Above Race

I am having a busy day so I had not expected to post another post to my blog. However, I got a tweet today about something said by Rep. Jim Moran Race was the reason for the 2010 losses. I am taking time to respond on my blog. I blew up politico ( apologies) on Twitter with my soapbox rant.

I am a member of every minority group in America. However, it is rare that I pull any cards. The only time I pull a card is when the truth is hard to deny. I am a liberal's liberal. I am a goddess not God so I must give everyone the benefit of doubt. I can not believe the 2010 elections, which where not a mandate given the low voter turn-out, saw Republicans win simply because of race.

Keep in mind that President Obama won by a landslide majority in 2008. I do maintain that the powers that be thought a Black person would never win but a woman might, hence the railroading of H. Clinton by the DNC.( You may read into that statement whatever you wish. Let'…

Repubs caught in own rhetoric

I just loved loved loved the SOTU given by President Obama Tuesday. It was a classic piece of mind- fuck worthy of Alfred Hitchcock. I had to call it for what it was. Checkout the confusion it has created within the GOP ( The president was firm, committed, giving, and unafraid in the speech he gave. He spoke in a manner so free of political double talk, Chuck Todd graded the speech in an 8th grade level. Take note, if you wish to communicate with a majority if Americans at one time an 8th grade level works best. Most Americans are not MIT grads or members of Mensa.

In reading the link I found it very funny that Speaker Boehner did not hear in the speech anything about American exceptional people. Maybe his pink/magenta tie was too distracting for him to take note of why President Obama referenced him and Biden during the address.

It is the Speaker's remark coupled with the official Republican rebuttal that shows how great the address was. The negati…

A Liberal Response to the Republican ..

I am riding my bike as I type a liberal , nothing held back, response to the Republican rebuttal to the State of the Union address given by President Obama. As I said last night,because my bed forced me into a state of unconscious I was not able to view the rebuttal live, I would base my response on secondary sources. My secondary source is a link on the Huffington Post to a transcript of Paul Ryan's rebuttal. I thought for some reason Michelle Bachmann was giving the official rebuttal. Anywho.

As I read the transcript my overall thought was same mess different hour of the day. Without explicitly saying "job killing" healthcare reform, the entire rebuttal was, to me, about "job killing" healthcare reform. I found a vague reference to the irresponsible 2001 tax cut in the middle of a war. It was a very very vague reference- "past administrations have created our current deficit".

What I found odd about the rebuttal was the lack of an actual resp…

SOTU a liberal response

I am part of the ADHD crowd. This speech needs to be short. He invokes Tucson. He speaks of how we are one nation. He issues a challenge for elected officials to do more than just sit together. He still believes people in office will work together. He calls for the focus to be on creating jobs and not 2012 elections. We are 4 minutes into the address. Is Boehner wearing a pink tie? Just asking. President Obama is now touching on globalization of our economy. He mentions how the rules have change in the world of employment. He is now speaking of a need to educate the population. He invokes how China and India are training their populations. He is now asking us to sacrifice and struggle to move our country ahead. We need to encourage innovation. Innovation is how we make our living. He is calling for more R&D spending. We are having our "Sputnik" moment. He mentions the various technology areas where we need to invest. OMG he just called for an end for subsides …

Pure hubris

I am writing this quick bit of hubris just to mouth-off on America and corporations. Last night I got a tweet from Donna Brazile.

Donna Brazile
@donnabrazile Donna Brazile
#We the People! We pay & own it. We are responsible, they accountable. Obama can direct us, but we must lead the way forward. Believe Dat!

I initially started typing something on my iPhone but sleep took me away. I had no plans to provide links for what I am about to write. We the people must stop allowing those elected, those who own corporations, and those in the media from taking away our rights and giving those rights to corporations. It is time that we form and patronize socially and environmentally responsible companies.

I am not calling on you to do something easy. It will be hard for me to give up my Wal-Mart habit. It will be very hard for me to do so. However, until we send a message with our feet and finances life will continue to worsen in this country.

There are entities who do their best to …

MT Day 17 Countryfied Weights

Whew!!! what a feeling. I have posted my workout with weights. I was up late this morning after getting to bed late last night. However, I still feel good.

My breakfast was:
apple juice
fiber one bar

My mid-morning snack was:
a cinnamon disk
a handful of dry roasted peanuts

I am still working to get a business off the ground and running from government office to government office. Although I am doing a great deal of driving I still feel great. I still have energy.

After taking my son to school, I returned home to do my morning workout. I used real irons as my weights for today's workout. There is no excuse to not do a workout. If however you have spent the day working outside bending, walking, and lifting you get a free pass.

Tonight I shall make chicken with a peanut sauce, vegetables, and rice.

Thanks for following along.

My playlist includes free songs from
I Was Just ... (feat. Rosie Greenwood) Bare Beats
Fever Sensual Harassment
Deja Vu Beyoncé/Jay-Z

Sharing my thanks

Today as I worked on blog posts and taxes, I took time to be thankful. Many times we forget to be thankful for what we have until it is gone. We become so wrapped up in what our intelligence dictates that we forget we did not create ourselves.

Today I gave thanks for life. I am thankful that although I have had a series of strokes I still command my faculties well. I am thankful I can walk. I am thankful for a home and vehicle paid in full. I am thankful for the time to allow my body to heal after being doubtful of living to see 2011. I am thankful for the children in my life who remind me that I am not omniscient. I am thankful to not have buried a child or visit one in jail. I am thankful for the elderly who still guide me in life. I am thankful for the grace of God that allows me to live despite the errors I have made. I am so blessed to live in a country where women are empowered. I am blessed to say what I so desire without fear of becoming a detainee.

Take not each moment f…

MT Day 15

Thanks everyone for the feedback. The good news is I am still getting up each morning training. My energy level is there. The bad news is yesterday I felt stronger than Samson and worked too much clearing property. I shall pace myself a little better in the future.

I am very glad that I am doing this training. I had so many reasons to delay training in my mind. However, the feeling of empowerment that comes with each day of training tells me I am doing right.

A young man let me know this morning that I looked young. I am not a cougar but I was really happy. My son said to me the other day that I looked better. Such comments make getting up at 4:30 AM worth it.

My biggest accomplishment thus far is being in bed by 10 PM. I love it.

More later. The videos are a bit of an issue but working to mitigate the issue.

Thanks for following.

Govt' Healthcare Makes Lazy Populace

During my busy day of getting a business off the ground, I took time to talk with a buddy about life in general. During the course of discussions she read to me an article from about "Obamacare" creating a group of lazy people. My first response was WTL???!!!??? Who wrote this Regan Era kool-aid waste of space piece of hubris? What in the name of Ronald Regan big biz laissez-faire dumb down of American is the meaning for this writing?

This article is nothing more than a throw back to the Regan era of "Cadillac driving Black welfare queens". Obviously the writer has not had to live on any government assistance in his lifetime.

After becoming ill in 2003, I faced a major change to my financial lifestyle and a change in my thought patterns about lazy people on government assistance. It is impossible to enjoy 3 and 4 star hotels and restaurants while receiving government assistance. The amount of assistance given to families is below poverty level. I …

May Faith Be My Strength Always

I worried for years about blogging my thoughts. I had started a site in 2003 akin to the Huffington Post website. I stopped for it was brought to my attention my views could upset my family's financial welfare. I have now learned that God is my source. Even though I stopped the website ( family's financial welfare was turned upside down. Although something inside me told me to blog, I resisted returning to blogging to speak my voice. To quite that inner gnawing, earlier last year I decided to just get a blogging site. I did nothing on it really.

I continued to go on job interviews, my justification for not blogging my thoughts. The most amazing thing happened in the job interviews. I would either forget the things I have learned and actually taught these last 16 years or I would tell the truth of my desire to go into the ministry ( After the last interview where I forgot everything I knew about the IT industry, I laughed the 120 mi…

Save Me Save Me

I got a tweet this morning about China buying less of our debt ( The first thing that came to my mind was why do we need China to buy our debt. I can not help but think how this country came together during WWII to pay its way out of debt and depression. However, we have sat here and insisted on fighting two wars with a tax cut.

At what point do we wake up? Why did we not call the bluff of those who held UE benefits hostage until the 2001 tax cuts were extended? Please know I am from Mississippi and living here forces one to deal with reality. My reality is I shall live with or without UE benefits. What I or others on UE will do to survive I can not say but I know life always finds a way to prevail. What I know about reality is as follows: If I quit my job, stop buying clothing, stop buying food, stop buying toiletries, I still shall not be able to pay my mortgage for I shall still have no income . That is how I see reality.

If the 2001 tax cuts were…

My Broad Beef

Someone recently asked me about my continuous beef about not having access to broadband from my rural home. I have included some links to support my beef. In 2005 Katrina came through my hometown in Mississippi. I had return to my hometown thinking I could ride out Katrina safely 3.5 hours from my home in southern Mississippi. The reality was Katrina was a big storm that hit most of Mississippi. As I sat at my mother's home for going to my home was not possible due to the damage to the highways and government interference AT&T came out to lay a fiber optic cable. Please note, I was not actually sitting, after Katrina came through we had dead animals and downed trees to clear from property. Also we would be without electricity, land line phones, and cell phone access for two weeks. Katrina let us off easy for the further south you went the longer you were without utilities.

When I first saw the men laying cable underground, two days after Katrina, I thought finally som…

MT Day 13 loving it

I am writing from my bike. I just shared a great conversation with my 18 year old. My kids tell me I preach. I call it wisdom sharing. It is good for them to see that I am working out each day.

Recently I slipped into old eating habits when faced with deadlines. I have to prepare snacks ahead to battle the times I am pressed for time.

I am looking forward to next week's addition of weights to my training.

Mentally I am sharp. I feel almost 22 again. I an getting creative inspiration everywhere I look. I discovered LinkTV this week. It is a good station for my bike ride.

Enough for the night. I am looking at an 11pm bedtime.

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the plight of the Palestinians

I got a tweet today praising a U.S. back group in the Near East. Please know I do not hate Jewish people. If you are a Jewish holocaust denier do not read into this post that we are brethren. My childhood was filled with tales of the horrors of contraction camps. My grandmother died believing my other grandmother is an Italian Jewish concentration camp survivor. I believe my mother’s account that I am the result of a Liberian, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and French ancestral orgy. My point is this post is not an “I hate Jews” post. What I do dislike are those in America who pretend not to understand the plight of the people of Palestine.

I write today to speak to those who do not understand the Palestinian people and why they would resort to suicide missions. Suppose that while sitting at my home watching the local news and Fox News I decide that I am no longer safe in America. (The recent hate legislation aka immigration reform instills in me some type of fear for my safety.) I decid…

Preggers in Memphis

Preggers in Memphis

A recent story detailed how 90 teenagers in Memphis are now pregnant. ( The day before the story broke a buddy and I were discussing the state of the Black family. All things being her, she could not understand having children outside of wedlock. All things being me I could not understand having children without the means to support the children. The difference between my buddy and I is, I am actually a mother.

I understand the trials and tribulations of being a single parent. I knew when I told my son’s father he had to go what I was getting by leaving him and not terminating the pregnancy. The differences between myself and these young ladies are I was grown, educated, and had the means to provided financially for a child. My mother always preached to my older sibling and I the pains of having children and no money. What I later discovered as a single parent is…

Stop the crazy politics

I am posting a quick thought.

Please contact the members of the Mississippi state legislature to insist they repeal the Jim Crowe Arizona legislation that recently passed. This type of hate is the worst. Give to me guys in sheets any day of the week over this legalize hate. We need hate legalized about as much as I need a pecan pie with homemade vanilla ice cream.

I am wondering if I need to get my yellow Jew star out of the ancestral closet to put on my clothing. Shall I need papers to go to the store. Where do we stop the crazy in politics? Work with me people. We must stop the hate and fear. Show some love and faith.

The links below are for the members of the Mississippi legislative body. Please let them know the crazy should have stopped in Arizona last Spring.


MT Day 10 Not Yet Rocky

Today was a great day. Although I had a huge stress moment I was able to handle it with ease. I did an early morning video of my training plan. I enjoyed my cardio for the morning. I made a small pasta salad with peas.

I am still not in bed by 10pm. I shall work harder tomorrow to make sure I am bed by 10pm.

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MT Day 10 Not Yet Rocky

Today was a great day. Although I had a huge stress moment I was able to handle it with ease. I did an early morning video of my training plan. I enjoyed my cardio for the morning. I made a small pasta salad with peas.

I am still not in bed by 10pm. I shall work harder tomorrow to make sure I am bed by 10pm.

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Jim Crowe I barely knew thee

I am aghast!!! My wonderfully historically racist state has voted for immigration reform, AZ style. We need immigration reform about as much as I need a quart of Baskin Robbins. Who are we kidding? If the minimum wage chicken processors, highway construction, and general construction contractors refuse to give cost of living wages or health benefits it will remain hard to attract citizens for employment.

Howard Industries made national news when busted for having the largest number of undocumented workers in American history. However, although the workers were removed Howard Industries suffered little more than a "by your pardon" from the state and federal government. If undocumented workers are a huge threat to our nation, why was such a magnet as Howard Industries let off so lightly? ( Note to self , send resume to Howard Industries )

At a time when the liberal media broadcasts nonstop the GOP calls for social spending cuts, is it wise to harass working people? Should w…

School failure

I read an article recently about a school that is at risk of being taken over by the state. The same paper also had another article about grading levels being inconsistent around the state. I read both articles in dismay. I was/am dismayed for the articles spoke to something I hold to be true; without involved parents schools will fail.

The school system of which I am a product has maintained it's standards of excellency for over 30 years. Even after integration this system maintained it's integrity by parental involvement and a refusal to lower it's standards.

I was amazed to learn that an honor student from another school ,in the same county as I , was not scored the same as myself. The result of the disparity in grading was shown in the first year of college. The student from the other school was not prepared for the first year of college level classes.

Parental involvement at that school only came as the result of a negative action. The parents for reasons of econ…

MLK Day tweet from McCain

I had expected to spend this MLK day doing what I normally do, nothing. As a note I do not celebrate many American holidays out of deference to my faith. My own birthday is just another day in the year on which I give thanks to God for life. I respect the rights of others to celebrate whatever holiday they so choose. It is America and we have such rights. As you read my thoughts on MLK day keep my back notes in mind.

I had planned to write about being civil and opinions in the news. However, Sen. McCain sent out a tweet of honor for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I was immediately in a state of shock. The man who fought so vehemently against making MLK day a holiday was tweeting about the honor of MLK Jr.? I was shocked ,25 years ago he could not see the honor. He could only see Robert E. Lee not being so honored. He helped to broker a deal to have MLK day be the same as Robert E Lee's birthday.
I remember so well the fight against MLK day. My mother was against schools bein…

MT Day 9 not stopping

I am still going after 7 days of training. I would say strong but I am not. I am pleased with the results of my training thus far. I am an inch smaller for my shirts are fitting better. I have clarity in thoughts.

I am not getting to bed at a decent time. I shall work more this week on getting to bed at a decent hour. Sleep is important.

I celebrated with wine the Jets win over New England. I had one glass and lots of water. I awaken this morning in great spirits. I fixed a smoothie for myself (banana, strawberry, collards, cayenne, and peaches). I fixed french toast and eggs for the boys.

During my bike ride, I could feel the cayenne working its way in my body. I continue to not have any swelling in my hands. I have had some swelling in my feet and hip areas. I am sure that soon that swelling will stop as well.

The key points that came to me today during my workout are

Do not stop
Motivate self at all times
Do not wait for others to motivate you
Ignore those who would get y…

Dying for cheap gas

I must call myself on my own mess before I start this particular rant. I have a rather destructive habit in my life. When I am particularly upset or unable to express myself I engage in this habit. I attempt to offset this one habit by doing what I consider to be 10,000 acts of good. However, I know that what I enjoy is detrimental not to myself but to others as well. This habit of mine is long distance car rides. When my cash is low, I supplement these car rides with long distance hikes or bike rides. I assuage my guilt over my habit with recycling initiatives, eating locally whenever possible, monitoring my electricity usage, and volunteering to aid victims of natural disasters. I do my best to keep this habit in check. When gas prices are $4/gal I find it is easier for me to not ride. Even though this is a habit that comforts me greatly, I am willing to let it go to keep my country out of war.

It is amazing to me that just days after a call from the president to tone down…

MT Day 6

Whew!!! I am having issues with the video uploads. I am using my iPhone to upload videos. I send a tweet with each upload.

Today, was a good day. I had less pain and only a small amount of swelling. I am really enjoying the bike. I almost enjoy it as much as I do walking.

When working to achieve any type of goal in life, one must be able to stand strong in the face of opposition. Sometimes that opposition comes from those who love you. I had to give love and light to my mother this morning who came to me with an "emergency". Instead of stopping my routine to assist as I would have in the past, I informed her I would assist after I had completed my tasks. I am glad that I continued on my course of action. Her "emergency" was not an emergency that required me to stop taking care of self. Life lesson: Take care of the goose that lays the golden eggs first or you, the goose, will be of no use to anyone.

My playlist is still the same. I managed to wipe out …

A wasting we will go 2011

I wondered how long before the investigations would begin. Wonder no more ( ).

If anyone remembers the money and time wasted during the Clinton years on special investigation then my being upset is not surprising. I am a great number of things and the thing that tops the list is thrifty. Spending money unnecessarily is high on my list of upsets. Wasting time is the only thing that tops spending money unnecessarily.

Where was Rep Issa during the Bush/Cheney years? I continue to ask this question. He is seeking to investigate the Obama administration on suspicion of corruption. The no-bid contracts given to Haliburton ( should be under investigation. Health care in this country must be reformed. Aging baby boomers and the unemployed are about to swell the rolls of Medicaid and Medicare. We need to reform now to handle t…

Rules and regilation

Tonight I got a tweet from the local news about new regulations for the offshore drilling. I applaud the government for having a commission to look into what caused the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico last summer. What gets me is the call for additional regulation. We had regulations at the time of the oil spill. What we did not have was enforcement of regulation at either the state or federal level.

We need less regulation and more enforcement of the regulations already on the books. Our members of public service have discovered a way to be served by the public. When those who are enforcing the rules turn a blind eye to the various infractions, we get incidents such as the oil spill. The petroleum industry is not the only industry with lax enforcement.

We have guidelines in place for government spending, poultry production, beef production, produce production, dairy production, and even weapons. However, we have had major issues in each of those areas.

Meat and poultry inspectors b…

The Denial continues

I shall make yet another quick blog post, my fingers are frozen. I love rural living but the things I do for high-speed,(Green Acres). I am thinking how to phrase my distaste for not accepting responsibility for one's actions. I am quick to let people know I call myself on my own mess. When I am being messy, I say "girl stop, you are wrong." All I have heard since Saturday has been a continued round of refusal to accept responsibility for actions or words.

I grew up in a home filled with loaded guns. Knowing how to shoot was a requirement to continue living in the house. Day in and day out we were taught the KKK could come at any moment so we had to be ready to shoot. That is a great deal for a child to consume. After being reared in such an environment, I enlisted in the Navy. Due to a medical condition I was released from service before I could finish BASIC. I give these back notes to qualify my next statement. In my writings one would be hard pressed to fin…

MT Day 4

This morning I awoke ready for action. I biked on the stationary bike for about 30 minutes. I enjoyed a green smoothie. I enoyed a brisk walk in the cold as I checked on a piece of property recently acquired. It is cold in the South. The best thing about the day thus far has been no swelling in either my hands or feet. One day of aerobics will not be enough I know but it is a start. I rounded out my early morning by preparing roasted chicken and a cold pasta salad( mayo, eggs, peas) for my growing boys. I shall top of the evening meal with a spinach salad and a smoothie.

I did not get in bed last night until after 11PM. I shall work again tonight for a 10PM bedtime.

My game plan is as follows:

Week 1 -2
Ease into the training.
Prepare mind.
Enjoy light aerobics in two 30 minute sets
Make small changes to eating habit (no 12oz bag of Doritos chased by a peach daiquiri)

Week 3
Introduce weights to workout routine.
Continue to make changes to eating habits
Maintain supportive friends


MT day 3 lesson

I am up early today. The roads are clear. I awoke this morning worse than the previous morning. The swelling in my body increased. The detox smoothie and more water worked better for my body than Doritos and daquri. I actually had more water on day 2 than day 1. Water alone will not do the trick.

I am working to have videos up by Wednesday. I am moving my workouts to evenings for video purposes. My cameraman is in middle school.

I am also moving my lighter meals to the evening.

Meal and workout update tonight.

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Wordy denial

I am writing a quick post about words. Words have been shown to cause harm in clinical studies. Jesus spoke of the harm that can come from words. However, this morning as I watched Fox and friends I heard nothing but denial. Their words have helped to increase gun sales, sale of gold, and to convince people in this nation that we were at war with Islam. Words matter. If we do not take this time to examine our words then we have an even greater tragedy on our hands.

I am a mother. I am very careful of the words I use around children. I know first hand the impact of words. I had to take a stand within my family about racist speech around my son. It took disassociation to get them to understand how damaging such words are to a young mind.

We can not allow this moment to pass. We must take a stand against hate speech. In my fascination with Nazi Germany, I learned that there was no initial overt hatred for Jewish people. It started as a snicker here, a comic there, a turn of the head,…

MT day 2

Fell off the wagon today. Ate a bag of Doritos. Ice and snow children at home. Watching Auburn play the Ducks. Today I am tired. Did managed to post to blog earlier today. Son did magic tricks. It was a good time. Tomorrow is another day. I still have faith I shall be able to finish training.

I am still unable to get video to upload.

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Fear has my country

This morning so many working titles swirled in my mind to describe Saturday's shooting in AZ. I played with " White males gone wild", " The pale faced terrorists", "Keeping hate alive", "When words don't fail", " Chickens coming home to roost"…… In the end, I decided to just write as I mentally ranted and played Kelly Price's " Tired". What I post is what came.

How dare the MSM media ask us to not speak the truth about the incident in AZ. I am tired, we are tired. I have written, spoken, and shouted to the heavens about the hate speech being promoted by the Tea Party. I have repeated over and over again the words my grandmother said to me as a child, "Remember, when you dig a ditch for someone, dig another one for it will be where you will lay." I do not awaken nor do I go to sleep planning for harm to come to another. I practice as so directed by Jesus: love for another, love those who are not t…

MT day 1

Today was my first day if training. Having failed in the past, I know the value of being mentally ready for such an undertaking. I quit my job last year due to health issues brought on by stress. Living at my mother's home has allowed for a reduction of stress but it is still very stressful. However today confirmed that proper planning will allow me to reduce stress and to be successful in my training. I have had several events to occur today, some before 10 AM, to block my success. The joy is proper planning for such roadblocks has allowed me to remain at peace. My mother had tried twice to guilt trip me. My town was placed on a winter storm warning. My perpetually unemployed brother is eating food I purchased for my child. My mother becomes upset when I mention that such behavior is not acceptable, guilt trip. Today I handled all events with true calm. I was able to keep my goal in mind. The only true stressing part of the day was not being able to upload videos. I took a d…

Marthon Training gettting started

Today marks the start of my training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s 2012 Rock-n- Roll Marathon in New Orleans. I am in training for several reasons:

 I desire to finish the marathon
 I have had family to die of Leukemia
 I am tired of living with the pain from a connective tissue disorder
 I desire to have real quality of life that is not dependent on medication

I have given to myself this extended time for training for I understand my body, myself, and how spirit works in my life. I shall have returned to a healthy lifestyle by the end of my training. I shall return to the person I was during my younger years. In those years of my life I had hope no matter what odds I faced. I enjoyed each day for the beauty of the day and the lessons I received from each day.

At some point in my younger years I began to value the opinion of another over my own; all in the name of love. That one opening, in the wall I had built after a childhood of abuse, was enough to allow every di…

Boehner loves school vouchrs

I had intended for today’s post to be some rant on the fakeness of the 112th Congress’ reading of the Constitution, however; I received a tweet late last night about Boehner’s support for school choice. My first thought was we have money for school vouchers but not healthcare? I was mystified. Publicly funding private schools mystifies me. School choice in my view is another way to say school vouchers. When a school accepts public funds it ceases to be private in my view. You,, in essence will have a public school that supports only one dynamic of the life that exists within a multicultural nation.

If parents wish to home school or private school their children, they have the right to do so. They do not have the right to use public funds to do so. Federal educational funds should be used to fund in full public schools that are open to the reality of America being a multicultural society of varying beliefs. We need every dollar available to be placed into our public school sy…