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Late night Taco Bell

I am up after a minor battle with Taco H!?! early today. The Bell got me to thinking about something after reading a few articles sent to me by a buddy.

Combined with the mass of nothing spoken in chambers today in DC, bad food, and the Limbaughs being out to destroy President Obama I figured out we need help.

I can not believe there is a group of people in this country against the new bill for food safety. After a productive morning, I spent the afternoon on my back because of improperly handled food. Am I alone in not understanding the fight against the need to enforce food safety? We need help.
One of the articles sent to me by a buddy mentioned the evils of the EPA. This article called for a stop to be placed on the EPA's job killing actions. What good is a job when one does not have good health. Better yet is stopping the work of the EPA worth allowing corporations the freedom to pollute our nation at will? I loved Atlanta but the pollution in the city was killing my child. We need cap and trade. We need to stop the disinformation being spread by the corporate owned media. Pollutants are not good for us. People we must take a stand and not allow the media to force us to act out of fear. We must reach out to our brethren worldwide for assistance. We must be ready to embrace new technologies that will allow us to pollute less and to keep our food supply safe.

I am back to bed to rest off this food poisoning.

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