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the plight of the Palestinians

I got a tweet today praising a U.S. back group in the Near East. Please know I do not hate Jewish people. If you are a Jewish holocaust denier do not read into this post that we are brethren. My childhood was filled with tales of the horrors of contraction camps. My grandmother died believing my other grandmother is an Italian Jewish concentration camp survivor. I believe my mother’s account that I am the result of a Liberian, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and French ancestral orgy. My point is this post is not an “I hate Jews” post. What I do dislike are those in America who pretend not to understand the plight of the people of Palestine.

I write today to speak to those who do not understand the Palestinian people and why they would resort to suicide missions. Suppose that while sitting at my home watching the local news and Fox News I decide that I am no longer safe in America. (The recent hate legislation aka immigration reform instills in me some type of fear for my safety.) I decide that I need to retake my ancestral land to form my very own country. I decide to reclaim all of the land given to the U.S. by my supposed ancestor Chief Greenwood Leflore for my Choctaw folks. The formation of my new country would displace people to the very boarders of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Arkansas. Now suppose I have the backing of all of Central and South America. I also have an agreement with Europe, Japan, and China to look the other way as I defend my new country. Now further suppose my new allies have forced the rest of the United States to not aid those whom I have kicked off land their families have owned for over 100 years. Adding additional insult to injury this new group of homeless people has about as much ease moving to other states as did those from New Orleans after Katrina. Now suppose, I find documentation that shows my tribe actually owned land that extends deeper into Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas. I decide based on the new documentation to annex that land into my new country. The people whom I have displaced are now forced to move again to make room for the descendant of my tribe sent to Oklahoma so long ago.

I have to wonder at which stage of my hypothetical scenario would the suicide bombings start. This posting is not to set the stage for an uprising here in the United States, La Raza. This posting is to point out the hypocrisy of those who claim to not understand the rational of those in the Near East who oppose continued Jewish settlement development. The very people claiming to not understand how someone can be a suicide bomber would be the first to bomb my new country. I do not propose to have the answer for the issue in the Near East but I do know continuing to build settlements, blocking aid to the Palestinians, and the legislation of laws that give rights to Jewish people only is not helping the road to peace. If Israel is the only democracy in the Near East, then why are there so many problems? The only Jewish and Muslim incident I have seen in the United States came at the K-Mart in Somerset, NJ when the two women were fighting over a bargain item. Being the good lover of Jesus that I am, I brought the two women together by taking the item for myself.


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