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Fear has my country

This morning so many working titles swirled in my mind to describe Saturday's shooting in AZ. I played with " White males gone wild", " The pale faced terrorists", "Keeping hate alive", "When words don't fail", " Chickens coming home to roost"…… In the end, I decided to just write as I mentally ranted and played Kelly Price's " Tired". What I post is what came.

How dare the MSM media ask us to not speak the truth about the incident in AZ. I am tired, we are tired. I have written, spoken, and shouted to the heavens about the hate speech being promoted by the Tea Party. I have repeated over and over again the words my grandmother said to me as a child, "Remember, when you dig a ditch for someone, dig another one for it will be where you will lay." I do not awaken nor do I go to sleep planning for harm to come to another. I practice as so directed by Jesus: love for another, love those who are not the same as I, and trust that God within is greater than anything without. I teach these basic principals to my son and to every child I meet.

The young man who committed the horror in AZ is a product of the fear that has taken over the White American psyche. If anyone should be fearful it should be I, a short, Black lesbian living in Mississippi with a tendency to say what I mean. Yet, my faith in God keeps me daily. I do not sit in fear that I shall be the last short, Black lesbian ever. Yet, I know White males who have the fear that they will be the last White male ever. It is this fear that the MSM feeds. It is to this fear that AZ has created some of the most racist legislation since Jim Crowe days. It is to this fear that other states are considering passing similar legislation. It is this fear that has people afraid to speak out for fear of not being employed. It is this fear that has people quiet so as to not be next on the list. It is to this fear that Glenn Beck sheds tears nightly on the television. (Aside: Is John Boehner Glenn Beck's father) It is to this fear that homosexuals are not permitted to marry. It is to this fear that young White females are encouraged to become brood mares. It is fear that led people to shout "Nigger" at Tea Party rallies. It is fear that led people to bring guns to events where President Obama was speaking. It is fear that led people to spit on the Black members of Congress. It is fear that led people to burn crosses at the district offices of Congress members. It is fear that led people to come out against a healthcare reform when they can not pay their medical bills. It is fear that President Obama would be successful. It is fear that had people stockpiling guns and bullets. It is the same fear that allowed Hitler to rise from the rubble of a nation that had sought via war to impose its superiority on other nations to meet its defeat twice. It is this fear that forced Japan to close it borders to other nations; making it a backwards nation until it opened it borders. It is this fear that force grown men to marry young girls instead of grown women. Fear is a powerful emotion.

Fear like love will make you do things not grounded in reality. Unlike love the actions of fear are to create disruption and confusion. Fear has the ability to paralyze a nation. The more I read about Rep. Giffords, the more I like her. She showed great courage in the face of those who would have her cower in fear. She stood her ground again and again knowing there were those who would do harm to her. She spoke the truth about the harm that could come when people, such as Sarah Palin placed images on the internet of targets on the hometowns of certain Democrats. She understood that as long as we remained a nation held downed by fear we would continue to be our own greatest enemy. The hate speech against Muslims, against, Hispanics, against Jews, against Blacks, against homosexuals and even against women must not be paid in kind against the White heterosexual Christian male. The hate must be conquered with unconditional love. Just as the early Christians accepted their fate to die in the Roman arenas, we must express more love for those who preach hate. (Aside: I know White males heterosexual Christian males are not the only ones preaching hate. I am speaking of those who really control the media and promote the hate fest.)

Oprah has a great idea in OWN, promote love. Promotion of the real love that sustains one through the trials will allow fear based behavior to dissipate over a period of time. We will evolve as did our pre-historic ancestors to a form of being greater than what we now embrace. What the world needs now is love. You may call me a dreamer but I believe expressing love for everyone and everything will make this world better. I know we can live as one.

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