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Africa why? Why I ask

This violence coming out of Africa is disturbing and hopeful. It is discouraging for the same stuff that forced my great-great grandmother to be sold into bondage by her father 160 years ago is still going on today. However the recent violence that has arose as the African governments attempt to quiet the people, gives hope. The people are not being quiet even in the face of death. They are demanding freedom. They demand freedom not just from HNICs chieftains but from Western corporations that take natural resources without lifting up the people in the process. They people are tired of living in poverty while natural wealth is being stripped from their lands.

We in the United States should not condemn the people in Egypt who have had the same "president" for 30 years. How can we call Egypt a democracy when the same ruler that came to power when my octogenarian butt was in grade school is still in power? Zimbabwe wake up. Maybe because I am an American I become leery of anyone in office for more than two terms. How can you change, Castro, without fresh eyes and mind?
We need to contact Congress and the president to express our displeasure with the current Egyptian government. While you are on the phone ask that we stop financial tributes to Israel. The only protection for which I have paid is ammo for my own gun. We can no longer be Israel's bitch.

At the end of the day pray for God to intervene in this mess. I had vowed to write nothing on it but learning that Internet access shutdown was not a joke, forced me to write. I can not support anyone who oppresses another. Oppression begets stagnation and we should always as a species continue to evolve. Send your prayers please. Also make the phone calls to congress and the president urging support for the people of Africa.
Love and light to all.

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