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Boehner loves school vouchrs

I had intended for today’s post to be some rant on the fakeness of the 112th Congress’ reading of the Constitution, however; I received a tweet late last night about Boehner’s support for school choice. My first thought was we have money for school vouchers but not healthcare? I was mystified. Publicly funding private schools mystifies me. School choice in my view is another way to say school vouchers. When a school accepts public funds it ceases to be private in my view. You,, in essence will have a public school that supports only one dynamic of the life that exists within a multicultural nation.

If parents wish to home school or private school their children, they have the right to do so. They do not have the right to use public funds to do so. Federal educational funds should be used to fund in full public schools that are open to the reality of America being a multicultural society of varying beliefs. We need every dollar available to be placed into our public school system. We are falling behind developed and developing nations in the education of our children. We do not have a national Math and Science plan in our public schools despite NCLB. We have taken vocational educational out of public schools in favor of allowing for profit schools to give those skills to our high school graduates at a cost.

We have become a nation of short-term thinkers who only value the immediate gratification of an extra dollar in our pocket. Countries in Europe offer to their high school level students opportunities that must be obtained in our community colleges or for profit schools. Those championing for vouchers are only thinking of the short-term gain of getting their child into a private school for a better education. We are setting ourselves up for failure by continuing to value profit over the benefits of education and by being selfish in our views.

We can not allow public funds to be funneled to private schools. Should we allow such actions to continue we are allowing for the continued dumbing down of America. This week two GOP representatives were not aware that they needed to be in chamber for the swearing in and not at a fundraiser. (Unless the money earned went into the pocket of someone who will not donate money to either of the two GOP representatives, it was a fundraiser. Forget what you heard.) We can not afford for America to be dumb downed. Do we expect to seriously be able to outsource to India the care of our elderly? In Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour chose to fund the penal system using funds that should have gone to improve and to maintain teachers for the schools in Mississippi. I would like to believe I am off base but there just seems to be an intent to create slave labor using the dumbing down method.

I ask, what happens if all public students attended private schools? You will begin to see the same issues that were seen at the public school. There is currently just as much bullying, drugs, alcohol at private schools as there is at public school. To be honest there may be more given the number of students of affluent families that attend private school. Carting public school children off to private schools voucher in hand is not the answer. The answer is multifaceted:
1) Fully fund NCLB
2) Parental involvement
3) Return to a system of universal values

A little light reading. As always check out the comments. I just love comments.


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