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MT Day 17 Countryfied Weights

Whew!!! what a feeling. I have posted my workout with weights. I was up late this morning after getting to bed late last night. However, I still feel good.

My breakfast was:
apple juice
fiber one bar

My mid-morning snack was:
a cinnamon disk
a handful of dry roasted peanuts

I am still working to get a business off the ground and running from government office to government office. Although I am doing a great deal of driving I still feel great. I still have energy.

After taking my son to school, I returned home to do my morning workout. I used real irons as my weights for today's workout. There is no excuse to not do a workout. If however you have spent the day working outside bending, walking, and lifting you get a free pass.

Tonight I shall make chicken with a peanut sauce, vegetables, and rice.

Thanks for following along.

My playlist includes free songs from
I Was Just ... (feat. Rosie Greenwood) Bare Beats
Fever Sensual Harassment
Deja Vu Beyoncé/Jay-Z
Cold Hands Ill-Esha
Missing (Todd Terry Club Mix) Everything But The Girl
Believe Ultrnx
Sweet Dreams Beyoncé
Electric Love Dirty Vegas
Cinnabar Aschka
Rumba Bounce Disco Bloodbath
What Is Love (Single Mix) Haddaway
All Night With You (Burning Remix) JasWho?



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