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Repubs caught in own rhetoric

I just loved loved loved the SOTU given by President Obama Tuesday. It was a classic piece of mind- fuck worthy of Alfred Hitchcock. I had to call it for what it was. Checkout the confusion it has created within the GOP ( The president was firm, committed, giving, and unafraid in the speech he gave. He spoke in a manner so free of political double talk, Chuck Todd graded the speech in an 8th grade level. Take note, if you wish to communicate with a majority if Americans at one time an 8th grade level works best. Most Americans are not MIT grads or members of Mensa.

In reading the link I found it very funny that Speaker Boehner did not hear in the speech anything about American exceptional people. Maybe his pink/magenta tie was too distracting for him to take note of why President Obama referenced him and Biden during the address.

It is the Speaker's remark coupled with the official Republican rebuttal that shows how great the address was. The negatives against the speech would only make those saying such things appear less patriotic or borderline crazy ( see Michelle Bachmann's response).

The bottom line it was a great address. The president did not beat his chest over all he has done in 2 years. He spoken to the American people about what we needed to do to make our vision of a better country a reality. He spoke as an adult talking to other adults. a conversation we have needed for so long. The response to his speech highlights the adolescent behavior of those entrenched in a political power structure. So entrenched are they that they are now trapped by the very rhetoric they once used to breakdown the will of the very people they serve.

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