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SOTU a liberal response

I am part of the ADHD crowd. This speech needs to be short. He invokes Tucson. He speaks of how we are one nation. He issues a challenge for elected officials to do more than just sit together. He still believes people in office will work together. He calls for the focus to be on creating jobs and not 2012 elections. We are 4 minutes into the address. Is Boehner wearing a pink tie? Just asking. President Obama is now touching on globalization of our economy. He mentions how the rules have change in the world of employment. He is now speaking of a need to educate the population. He invokes how China and India are training their populations. He is now asking us to sacrifice and struggle to move our country ahead. We need to encourage innovation. Innovation is how we make our living. He is calling for more R&D spending. We are having our "Sputnik" moment. He mentions the various technology areas where we need to invest. OMG he just called for an end for subsides to oil companies. The president may have a backbone after all. OMG he just got on the parents for not encouraging learning in the home. I may come to love this man. Race to the Top is being trumpeted. He mentions how state governors helped to shape race to the top. Whoa!!?!? The president had some Wheaties this morning. He just called on the nation to give respect to our teachers. He spoke to the children to become teachers for our nations need teachers. Crying John is not behind a permanent tax credit for college. He did not clap as the president touted the tax credit. I have to wonder about Sen McCain he can say things that show enlightenment but the moment a camera is on him he spouts crazy stuff. Camera was on McCain for a moment.

Back to address. President Obama is now calling for an update of our infrastructure. OMFG. He just took a swipe at TSA's pat downs. The Prez is back if he means what he says. He talks of changing the tax code to remove loop holes without adding to our deficit.

Ok we are now 30 minutes into this address. I hope I can stay awake for the rebuttal. Wicked he admits to removing unnecessary regulation while keeping commonsense regulations in place. He has extended an olive branch on HCR by saying he will sign anything that allows for people to have affordable access to healthcare. He sounds firm on what he will do. He states that he has proposed cuts to community action groups and defense. Boehner laughed when the president stated removing a plans engine will not help it fly. There will be an impact.

He stated he wishes to strengthen social security and work on sound Republican initiatives. He has also called for a repeal of tax cuts.

We must make the hard choices now rather than later. Ok I am sleepy now. The president has to learn that a nation of ADHD people can only stay awake for video games.

I shall write my thoughts in the Republican rebuttal from M B. I shall use secondary sources.

This country girl is off to bed.
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