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Learning from our elders

This morning I had the opportunity to listen to Ed Asner on FreeSpeech TV. It is my hope to be able to take my son to see his one man show on FDR. Mr. Asner has been an outspoken social activist for years. Until I was much older I just thought he was an actor. As an adult I came to appreciate his outspokenness.

His talking points this morning were on the current state of the Democratic party and how compelled are still being allowed to have offshore tax havens. Listening to Mr. Asner I was filled with shame at what we have allowed to become of his political activist legacy. It is a shame that my generation has forced him to continue being an active activist. We became to focused on making money and McMansions rather than progressing beyond the comforts afforded to us by his generation's hard work. Mr. Asner spoke of how progressive Democrats refuse to attack in favor of making compromising. He spoke how we refuse to come together to protest the poverty and other ill conditions in this nation. He called out Bill Clinton for removing the financial regulations put in place by FDR. He called out President Obama for not including the regulation in the financial stimulus plan. He sees this country giving in to corporate demands. He mentions how taxes were much higher under Eisenhower than what they are today. He sees the constant call by Republicans for lower taxes as nothing more than the means to keep the poor, poor.
We must make a change. We call ourselves Christians yet we behave as heathens fighting over the last piece of meat on the planet. There is nothing nothing Christian about our attitudes toward the less fortunate. We can make a change without requiring people to come to our place of worship or to worship as do we. We must change our views.

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