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Jim Crowe I barely knew thee

I am aghast!!! My wonderfully historically racist state has voted for immigration reform, AZ style. We need immigration reform about as much as I need a quart of Baskin Robbins. Who are we kidding? If the minimum wage chicken processors, highway construction, and general construction contractors refuse to give cost of living wages or health benefits it will remain hard to attract citizens for employment.

Howard Industries made national news when busted for having the largest number of undocumented workers in American history. However, although the workers were removed Howard Industries suffered little more than a "by your pardon" from the state and federal government. If undocumented workers are a huge threat to our nation, why was such a magnet as Howard Industries let off so lightly? ( Note to self , send resume to Howard Industries )

At a time when the liberal media broadcasts nonstop the GOP calls for social spending cuts, is it wise to harass working people? Should we harass people just because they fit the description? To be honest, I would have thought my beloved Mississippi would have beaten Arizona to the punch in the creation of such Jim Crowe legislation. I am aghast that we came in last on hate legislation. I guess we are making some progress to the 21st century in Mississippi. Give thanks for small blessings.

After I finish working with my son on homework ( 00:30), I shall start my letter writing campaign to my state representatives. I shall offer classes on how to just say no to hate

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  1. I don't know who you are but I came from that state too, but not born there and I agree a lot with your posts. I share your opinion about the Palestinians and am still schocked how few of my citizens do. Thanks


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