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MT Day 15

Thanks everyone for the feedback. The good news is I am still getting up each morning training. My energy level is there. The bad news is yesterday I felt stronger than Samson and worked too much clearing property. I shall pace myself a little better in the future.

I am very glad that I am doing this training. I had so many reasons to delay training in my mind. However, the feeling of empowerment that comes with each day of training tells me I am doing right.

A young man let me know this morning that I looked young. I am not a cougar but I was really happy. My son said to me the other day that I looked better. Such comments make getting up at 4:30 AM worth it.

My biggest accomplishment thus far is being in bed by 10 PM. I love it.

More later. The videos are a bit of an issue but working to mitigate the issue.

Thanks for following.


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