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Wordy denial

I am writing a quick post about words. Words have been shown to cause harm in clinical studies. Jesus spoke of the harm that can come from words. However, this morning as I watched Fox and friends I heard nothing but denial. Their words have helped to increase gun sales, sale of gold, and to convince people in this nation that we were at war with Islam. Words matter. If we do not take this time to examine our words then we have an even greater tragedy on our hands.

I am a mother. I am very careful of the words I use around children. I know first hand the impact of words. I had to take a stand within my family about racist speech around my son. It took disassociation to get them to understand how damaging such words are to a young mind.

We can not allow this moment to pass. We must take a stand against hate speech. In my fascination with Nazi Germany, I learned that there was no initial overt hatred for Jewish people. It started as a snicker here, a comic there, a turn of the head, a law, and then the final solution.

Are we doomed to repeat history by attempting to say these incidents of violence are independent? To say there is no connection between media, politicians, and public perception is to not have learned anything from history. History should be a lesson not a repetition. We take the good for improvement and the bad as a lesson learned.


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