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Dying for cheap gas

I must call myself on my own mess before I start this particular rant. I have a rather destructive habit in my life. When I am particularly upset or unable to express myself I engage in this habit. I attempt to offset this one habit by doing what I consider to be 10,000 acts of good. However, I know that what I enjoy is detrimental not to myself but to others as well. This habit of mine is long distance car rides. When my cash is low, I supplement these car rides with long distance hikes or bike rides. I assuage my guilt over my habit with recycling initiatives, eating locally whenever possible, monitoring my electricity usage, and volunteering to aid victims of natural disasters. I do my best to keep this habit in check. When gas prices are $4/gal I find it is easier for me to not ride. Even though this is a habit that comforts me greatly, I am willing to let it go to keep my country out of war.

It is amazing to me that just days after a call from the president to tone down things, Sean Hannity is calling for war. He wishes for us to go to war to secure oil. This neo-manifest destiny coming forth from him is indicative of one of the problems with my country. Who are we to demand that someone gives oil to us? In the Christ spirit I ask, what makes us so much better than the Chinese? Do we really wish to give into the same spirit of superiority that claimed the soul of Hitler and destroyed a nation? Would it not be a better usage of our young to encourage them to develop new means of transportation and new fuels than to send them off to fall on the sword of a finite source of fuel? It is amazing that we need to cut our budget but yet someone is calling for war to fuel his SUV and private jet.

Sometimes people become so wrapped up in their own little world that the hint of discomfort forces "stupid" from their mouths. The sad part is the "stupid" that emits from their mouths sometimes fall on the ears of those whose sole purpose in life is to destroy. Those people sit and wait for any word to come along to justify their intent to destroy. It has been 7 days as of today since the Arizona shooting, yet in our minds we have forgotten the lesson of the shooting. When will we stop seeking violence as the means to resolve our issues? I wonder just whose children are Hannity in a rush to put into harms way?

Are the lives of these children worth less than his SUV or private jets? The thoughts of these children, in my view, are worth more than the gas I put into my Ford Ranger. I am not willing to send one child to war so that I may ride even to my mailbox. I am willing to do more than pin a flag to my shirt or a yellow ribbon to my jacket, I am willing to make real sacrifice. I wonder how many others using the airwaves to speak violence into being are willing to do the same?


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