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A Liberal Response to the Republican ..

I am riding my bike as I type a liberal , nothing held back, response to the Republican rebuttal to the State of the Union address given by President Obama. As I said last night,because my bed forced me into a state of unconscious I was not able to view the rebuttal live, I would base my response on secondary sources. My secondary source is a link on the Huffington Post to a transcript of Paul Ryan's rebuttal. I thought for some reason Michelle Bachmann was giving the official rebuttal. Anywho.

As I read the transcript my overall thought was same mess different hour of the day. Without explicitly saying "job killing" healthcare reform, the entire rebuttal was, to me, about "job killing" healthcare reform. I found a vague reference to the irresponsible 2001 tax cut in the middle of a war. It was a very very vague reference- "past administrations have created our current deficit".

What I found odd about the rebuttal was the lack of an actual response to the SOTU spoken by President Obama yesterday. I did not read anything refuting the presidents's vow to end oil subsides. Absolute silence on the president's vow to give up his attachment to community action programs( the programs that allow the socially/economically disadvantage to afford the basics of American life). Arguments for keeping NCLB were written no where in the rebuttal. I was a bit confused to read nothing but a party line in the rebuttal. If there was more to it please tell to me the more.

The president last night showed a backbone that many in the progressive moment thought was long gone. He was firm on what he would and would not accept. He showed to America the leader he was voted by the American people to be. He nailed his second SOTU. He left those who had a rebuttal only able use a tired worn out party line that was totally disconnected from the actual SOTU speech given by President Obama.
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