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MT Day 4

This morning I awoke ready for action. I biked on the stationary bike for about 30 minutes. I enjoyed a green smoothie. I enoyed a brisk walk in the cold as I checked on a piece of property recently acquired. It is cold in the South. The best thing about the day thus far has been no swelling in either my hands or feet. One day of aerobics will not be enough I know but it is a start. I rounded out my early morning by preparing roasted chicken and a cold pasta salad( mayo, eggs, peas) for my growing boys. I shall top of the evening meal with a spinach salad and a smoothie.

I did not get in bed last night until after 11PM. I shall work again tonight for a 10PM bedtime.

My game plan is as follows:

Week 1 -2
Ease into the training.
Prepare mind.
Enjoy light aerobics in two 30 minute sets
Make small changes to eating habit (no 12oz bag of Doritos chased by a peach daiquiri)

Week 3
Introduce weights to workout routine.
Continue to make changes to eating habits
Maintain supportive friends

Week 4
Add distance walking 3 days a week as weather allows
Maintain workout routine
Maintain changes to eating habits
Maintain contact with supportive friends

Week 5 – 52
Maintain the activities of week 4

This game plan is simple but I have learned after years of trying, KISS. The less stressed I am about working out the more I can remember my goal of being able to live without pain and swelling for more than 2 days straight. I wish to be able to drop it like it is hot. I am not measuring weight or inches. I am measuring my ability to be happy, calm, and peaceful and to move without muscle restrictions.

My playlist this morning:

Be OK Ingrid Michaelson
Forget You Cee Lo Green
If I were a Boy Sasha Fierce
Love Like This Donell Jones
More Than a Woman Angie Stone
Sweet Dreams Sasha Fierce
Tired Kelly Price
Wish I Didn't Miss You Angie Stone

Here is my video from my struggling on the stationary bike, Day 3 of training. Smile. We are getting better with the camera. Thanks for checking in on the progress.



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